Happy Thanksgiving!


This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful that my dogs are all still present and that we’re all healthy enough to enjoy our traditional Thanksgiving day hike together (even if it’s a short hike, to accommodate Otto’s limitations). And I’m grateful for you WDJ readers, for your support over the years. I hope you have a lovely day with your family and friends, human and/or canine. Give them an extra treat from us.


dogs hiking
We are looking forward to our Thanksgiving Day hike. ©Nancy Kerns | Whole Dog Journal


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, your human family, and your fur kids, Nancy. I was thinking about you the other day and wondering if sweet Otto is still with you. I’m so happy to see that he is, and he’s doing so well. We lost our beloved Ebony in May, and I still miss her very much. I also see that your third pup is still with you (no longer a foster?). Maybe Otto feels that he’s the one to show him the ropes, and that gave him a longer lease on life. Love the pictures of all 3 of them together. They look so happy—especially Otto. 🥰

    Diana, a long-time WDJ subscriber

  2. Sending some Love for Otto – from my 15+ year old Cairn Fritzi….I watch Otto closely …as I am enjoying every day with my very Senior pooch Fritzi. They are so special, these older gentlemen. Kind, Patient (What? Terriers patient??? 🙂 – maybe wisdom comes with age.
    Go Otto!