Dog haters: What can be done about them?


Have you ever noticed that almost any article about dogs in any non-dog (mainstream) publication will be followed by a certain percentage of comments by people who HATE dogs and their owners?

I’ve noticed it many times, but it really struck me yesterday, when I was reading an article in the New York Times about a town in Spain whose mayor has tried a number of interesting and innovative programs to convince dog owners to pick up their dog’s poop – apparently something that Spaniards are loathe to do. The number of and maliciousness of the anti-dog comments on the article were scary (well, to me, a dog owner). Many people shared their disgust with dogs, dog owners, and dog poop with a savagery that seemed way out of proportion.

Or is it? I have to admit that even I, a person who LOVES dogs, get irritated when I’m confronted with dog owners who are acting badly, such as people who bring untrained and misbehaving little dogs into grocery stores and restaurants, claiming them to be “service dogs.” Or when I walk in certain neighborhoods in dog-crazy San Francisco, and see owner after owner allowing their dogs to pee on everything, including parking meters, street planters, store fronts, and chairs at outdoor cafes!  Or when I visit turf sports fields that are clearly marked “no dogs allowed” and see people who are running their dogs on the grass. If these behaviors bother ME, how must they make someone feel if they already really don’t like dogs at all?

I’m also one of the most intolerant people I know about people who lock their dogs outside all day and/or night to bark, bark, bark. I feel very sorry for those frustrated, bored, anxious, neglected dogs – but I also feel very angry toward their owners.

Unfortunately, all I can reliably do, as a responsible dog owner, is to manage my own dogs well: to assiduously pick up their poo; to not bring them into environments where dogs are not welcome (or try to pass them off as service dogs); to prevent them from peeing in inappropriate places (such as urban sidewalks – mostly by taking them to an appropriate place to urinate fully, and then controlling them fully to prevent ANY marking); and to make sure they don’t have an opportunity or reason to bark, bark, bark all day and/or night.

Sure, we can try to educate our friends about being responsible and not giving dog-haters a reason to hate us more. And we can attempt to politely educate people who are not managing their dogs in a responsible way that their actions may well result in unwelcome consequences for all dog owners in their community – but good luck with that! I’d guess that many (if not most) people who break societal (or legal) rules with their dogs don’t care what others think or what consequences their dog-owning peers may suffer as a result of new rules or laws aimed at curbing dog-owner misbehavior.

What am I missing? Should I not concern myself with the (seemingly) growing number of people who express such rancorousness about dogs? ( A recent spate of dog-poisonings in the San Francisco Bay Area tells me there IS reason to be concerned.) Is there anything else we as responsible dog owners can do to serve as ambassadors for good dogs and good dog owners?


  1. I would love to find out before I die which aspect of dogs — their stink, slobbering, panting, ass-licking or feces-eating — dog lovers find so attractive.

      • Hmm. Another phenomenon I find interesting: how dog lovers such as the above get vicious if you point out the salient features of the beast they worship. Cats lovers, apparently not so much. I truly long to understand these things… So sorry that in my previous comment I left off the charming trait of licking their testicles. Forgive me!

    • I would like to comment, when dogs help
      So many blind people have a life,
      When dogs sniff out drugs which kill our
      Children, when dogs help all airports
      And police I think people should forget
      They lick their testicles as some humans
      Are by far dirtier than dogs.

    • Athea Marcos Amir: Typical dog hating muslim! It’s you Muslims who stink and are filthy and a bunch of terrorists!!!You I wipe your asses with your bare hands after you shit,, and you never shower!! I can smell you all a mile away!!!!!!

      • Athea Marcos Amir: Oh, and another thing. You got the audacity to say that dogs are filthy and disgusting and like to lick their testicles, when you Muslims like to fuck goats and suck their cocks!!! That’s about as disgusting as you can get!! You bastards also killed 4,000 innocent people during the 911 attack and I will never forget that!!!!!!!

      • Omigawd, I love it that you called me a Muslim! I was born of Jewish parents, am a militant atheist, and lost a good friend when I remarked to him that I fantasize a world where Islam doesn’t exist. You’re either a plumber or a failed psychic.

    • I have never seen a dog eat faeces, though I have seen human babies eat faeces and urine. That doesn’t say much since any man with a iota of sense knows not to judge babies and animals with the standards we apply to adult human beings.
      Also, dogs do not stink per se. If you bathe them even once a week, groom their hair and brush their teeth regularly, as you would yourself, they smell better than most people. And you’re the one talking! As if you don’t stink! I bet if you went one day without showering your jew stink of onions and gefilte fish would nauseate even the homeless.

      Anyway I digress.

      The aspect of them being adorable, loving, and affectionate doesn’t even begin to describe how awesome dogs and other animals are. On top of being adorable loving sentient beings, dogs help blind and other disabled people, they serve in the army, they sniff out drugs and explosives, they also serve in the police departments across the world, they have for thousands of years helped people with their depression and anxieties, they can detect cancers and other illnesses. Even for a human that would be a great feat. I am sure you and the likes of you don’t even possess a single quality that a dog does. Explains a lot now that you’ve disclosed that you are a jew. Middle easterners are not exactly known for their kindness for humans let alone for animals. You being an atheist doesn’t help, it’s not a redeeming quality, you’re still just as miserable and pathetic as a devout jew who believes in all that talmudic garbage.
      Go ahead you miserable animal hater I so pity you and your miserable life.

  2. I’ve checked out their “community” and my opinion is to ignore them as they are a super small number (most communities only have a few hundred worldwide members) of nasty people who just happen to be loud enough to appear larger than they are. I agree that these poisonings (happening all over the country) are being celebrated in these anti-dog online communities, and it’s sick. Unfortunately, the only option is to make sure our dogs don’t eat anything off the ground or play with other balls in public places. If we have a mentally ill dog hating neighbor, we can’t let our dogs out without supervision. Similar to how we teach our children stranger-danger, we just have to keep them safe from the few sickos nasty enough to poison dogs.

    The online commenters will always insult any article about dogs, nothing you can do, but the positive is, their comments are so nasty, anti-social, and misinformed, that they discredit themselves. They don’t like us dog owners anyway, so why should we care about anything they say? We’ve only ever once encountered one of these people in real life and it was hilarious. They’re basically a handful of people who never heard the word “no” as toddlers so they run around trying to bend the world to make them personally comfortable, these are people who can’t handle the most basic of life conflict without throwing tantrums. Just ignore, they can’t be reasoned with.

  3. I wonder how you dog lovers feel about the children that are killed by dogs or the two cases that happened within a month recently of a man and a woman, unrelated in any way, who had to have their limbs amputated because they allowed their dog to lick them. I fully understand that we dog haters are in the minority, but I never stop researching this topic because it so fascinates me. It seems as counterintuitive as it would be to give someone the choice of a cool drink of cat urine or a chocolate malt and having 95% of people choose the urine. That’s how it strikes me every time I meet someone who loves dogs, as most people do, including members of my own family. The filth, the stink! I just want someone to explain the attraction to me; is that too much to ask?

    • Dogs that are viscous normally the owners fault.
      Dogs give the blind a life, smell out drugs at airports. Police put them
      On the frontline to stop thugs breaking into our homes with knives with
      Intend to kill. Dogs save lives. They are a man’s best friend. So dog
      Haters respect this animal because one day you may need their help.

    • And I wonder how you liberals feel about your Antifa and BLM always causing trouble, rioting, burning down peoples’ houses, destroying everythging in their wake, and attacking and murdering people including children!!!! Dirty filthy cowards!!!!!! Dogs don’t do that, so there!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!

  4. One day a dog may save the life of a dog hater. What then? One day a dog hater may get comfort from a dog. One day a dog may guide a blind dog hater. What then? What then?

    • Sue J,

      Your hypothetical analogy is absurd. I don’t know of one adult in my life who HAS NOT been bitten by a dog. The reality is that dogs traumatize and destroy far more people’s lives than they save, especially little children’s. They reek, they shit everywhere, then they eat their own shit, puke it up, and then they go back and eat their own shit-vomit. Their stench can be unbearable at times, a mere whiff can make you throw up just a little bit in your mouth. Then there’s dog breath, dog farts, and them scraping and dragging their buttholes across your floor. They jump up on you and ruin your clothes. Hair, dog hair everywhere. They chew up and crap all over your property. They bark and bark, all day and all night. They chase, attack, and bite people who are minding their own business. Dog owners are CONSTANTLY trying to ram their dogs down everyone’s throats, and then for some twisted reason, are all obsessed with forcing you to touch their damnable, stinky, dirty dogs. Oh yes, such adorable creatures. They are constantly licking their feces-filled buttholes, and then you dog lovers have those same disgusting dogs licking all over your faces and licking in your mouths, and you call dog haters freaks? You’re more concerned about your dogs than you are about your own children. Dog is your God, every store, every office, every park is your Church. You are their disciples, and everyday is Sunday. You dog zealots, with all your nasty dog habits, are beyond nauseating, revolting, and vile; you’re insane.

      Dog’s, loyal? Ha! What BS. The only thing they’re loyal to is food, and whoever is the “alpha” at the moment. If they sense you are no longer the alpha they will treat you like you’re just another pup in the pack, or less.

      Dogs should be treated like smoking because they ARE a public safety hazard. Have them in YOUR car and in YOUR home, not in publicly shared spaces. Not running around, slobbering and sniffing everyone at work, and not in the gym next to and slobbering on the weights, do you think it would be appropriate to have a small child in that kind of setting doing that? And they certainly should not be in restaurants, sitting at or under the tables, begging, breathing, and slobbering all over the food and getting their disgusting dander all over the server who’s bringing me MY food. Also, I can’t even jog in ANY park without being assailed by a dog. You dog nuts are out of control and your dogs need to be removed from shared public spaces. How crazy is a society in which divorces now include custody battles over dogs. How fanatically cracked in the head is a society in which “Paw-ternity Leave” is offered by some employers? How absolutely bat-shit insane is a society where we’re now supposed to send our small children to doggie training schools so they can be instructed on how they should and shouldn’t behave around dogs so that doggy doesn’t attack them, and what to do if attacked, because you know it’s just a matter of time before that happens. Oh the poor, poor dogs, man’s best friend. No! It’s not the dog! It’s the victim’s fault that the dog attacked them! “What were they wearing when it happened…”, sound familiar? I’m also sick of everyone blaming the owners. Many owners are committed, good owners who have taken the initiative to train their dogs properly, or so they think. Even then, dogs cannot be trusted as “safe”. Most of the onus belongs on the mutts, not the owners. Dogs are dogs, and you can’t train the dog out of the dog; it’s their nature.

      • To Oakes :And you can’t train the animal and monster out of Antifa and BLM it’s their nature!!!!! They are the real danger to America, not dogs!!!!!!!! BTW, both Antifa and BLM attack and kill innocent senior citizens and children as well!!! MAGA!!!!!

  5. I don’t hate dogs, I hate their oblivious owners. I don’t want your dog in my face, I don’t want your dog to snuff me excessively, I don’t want them barking at me while I’m around, they shouldn’t pee on my picnic, take food from children, jump on people, hump my leg etc. In general, you should not let your dog do anything to a person that you wouldn’t want a human to do to you without permission.

  6. Dog haters??? I can’t stand them and I hate cats!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ship all dog haters and cats to an island in The Pacific where they can be Dog Free and we can be dog hater and cat free in America!! Ship all liberals and Demonrats there too, where America and be great again!! GO DOGS, MAGA, and TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  7. Notice that all dog haters are liberals and Trump haters too?? Liberals are the real poison to America, and us Dog Loving Republican Conservatives are real men and women and patriots who love dogs, guns, and America, unlike all you wussy dog hating Anti-American traitor liberals!! Dogs, Pres Trump, and Conservative Republicans rule, and Liberals, Demorats, Cats, and Dog Haters all drool and all stink, PERIOD!!!!!!!


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