Celebrate life!


I attended a unique canine-related event yesterday, and while I was initially reluctant to go, I’m really glad I did.

An acquaintance, not someone I know well, was holding a “celebration of life” for her Boxer, Dempsey, who has terminal cancer. She knows it’s just a matter of time before she has to put her very special dog to sleep. And she decided she wanted to have one more party, one that Dempsey would enjoy, with her dog-loving friends (and their dogs). She held the event at a training and daycare center, so the dogs could have fun socializing and playing in a safe and dog-friendly environment. She baked some special dog treats, and provided human snacks, too.

Dempsey is only five years old; he should still be in the prime of his life. Lymphoma has turned him into a skeleton and shortened his lifespan. However, thanks to his owner’s assiduous care and attention to his diet, and a veterinary-guided plan to keep the dog as comfortable as possible to the end, Dempsey’s coat is as glossy and smooth as ever, his eyes are bright, and his energy is good. He was literally the life of the party. He played with his friends, ran herd on the obstreperous pups, let everyone run their hands over his silky coat, and begged for treats – and why not? His guests gave him anything he wanted, because we couldn’t give him what we really wished for him: a longer life.  


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