A Fresh Look at the Pets…and Their Weight!


I’ve been away from home for six days and nights (combined business trip and opportunity to see my kid play in a national championship for his sport). My husband was home feeding the animals (my dog Otto, niece’s dog/long-term foster Peanut, two former kittens/now juvenile cats/pests, three chickens). My first impression when I get home: none of the animals have had ANY affection since I left town (doubt this is true), and all the animals are too fat!

Now, I know that when I’m gone, the dogs don’t get walked or taken for off-leash play, and the cats get NO love (husband is not a cat guy; he’s not really a dog guy, either, but he does like Otto and Peanut). So, they were probably more obnoxious than usual about looking for attention and affection. Which my husband seems to translate as, “They must be hungry.”

Can animals really pack on the weight in just a week of overfeeding? Is it possible they were on the way to chubby before I left, and I just didn’t notice it because I see them every day? All I know is that with my just-home perspective, I need to hit the trail with the dogs, spend some time working the cats up and down the hall with their toys, and cut everybody’s portions back a bit.

Going away and seeing your pets with fresh eyes is a great way to really assess them. I just hope my husband’s not seeing *me* the same way, after a week of eating out and no exercise!