A Brief Vacation


Sometimes, these posts practically write themselves – as when there is some urgent canine news, whether in my life personally, or in the dog world at large. But sometimes, there are so many things competing for my attention, I have a hard time focusing on a single topic.

Should I write about my senior dog Otto, and his recent medical mysteries? His CT scan at the specialty referral hospital and subsequent laparoscopic liver biopsy, and results? He’s recovered nicely from the procedure, and aside from a shaved tummy, you can’t tell there is anything ailing him.

I need to update everyone about Odin, my foster puppy – the last of the “mange puppies.” There isn’t much news about his eye yet, though. It’s been looking better and better, and hasn’t caused him any discomfort for weeks, which is a really good sign. But it’s still mostly blue – filled with edema and scar tissue inside – and we’re only at about day 40 of a 60-day mini-trial of a medicine we’re hoping will help.

woody and odin cuddling

In the meantime, he and Woody (my three-year-old dog) have been growing thick as thieves. Woody always enjoys hanging out with my foster puppies, but this is the longest that one has been hanging around, and they are super close. Odin sleeps draped all over Woody for warmth and comfort, which leads me to take photos of the cuteness, which I can’t help but post on the Dogs of Whole Dog Journal Instagram page, and then everyone says, “You have to keep him!” I’m considering it, believe me! But I also think of how much fun he would have in his own family. We’ll see.

For the past couple of months, I have been teaching two puppy kindergarten classes, back to back, one night a week, at the training center of my friend Sarah Richardson, The Canine Connection, in Chico, CA. I really want to write about some of the observations I have made about puppies and new puppy owners – the mistakes I see many people make and the great and encouraging things that they do (including signing up for a puppy kindergarten class!).

I also want to write about the training event I went to for my local animal disaster response group, which dealt with small animal emergency shelter management.

And especially, all the things I learned about at the Canine Science Symposium, held at my alma mater, San Francisco State University, last weekend.

But the fact is, I am taking a tiny family vacation at the moment! And though I should have pre-written a post for this week, it took me all day the day before I left to get my three dogs situated at their respective places of dog-sitting, and I am exhausted! Totally in need of a few days OFF! So, if you will excuse me, I will take a short break with my family and dive back into the dog world next week!