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dog sleeping on the couch

When Your Dog Depends on Human Medicines

Last September, I thought we were at the end of life for my 15-year-old dog Otto. His arthritis pain is severe, and his daily...
dog hunched over at vet

Sick? Or Psych?

The first thing that didn’t seem right when I woke up at around 6 am was that Boone was not asleep on the dog...
darwins ark dog dna test

Your Dog’s DNA and Citizen Science

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a story that had been widely shared on social media about mixed breed dog DNA tests....
senior woman with large dog

Straight talk for senior adopters

The older we get, the more we need a backup plan for our dogs, in the event of our deaths.
french bulldog

The Popularity of French Bulldogs

According to a news release from the American Kennel Club (AKC), more French Bulldogs were registered with the organization than any other breed of...
dog running in dog park

Sniffspot: A Great Alternative to Dog Parks

When off-leash dog parks first began to be a “thing” a couple of decades ago, I was thrilled. At the time, I lived in...

Recent News Report on Mixed-Breed Dog DNA Tests

On March 4, CBC News (Canada's publicly owned news and information service) ran a television and online report about an investigation of four companies...
litter of puppies

Read this if you and your dog visit wetlands

As I write this, I am visualizing strength and a return to health for Buster, a dog who just turned three years old, and...
husky puppy and mom

The Struggle Is Real: Puppies Abound

Here’s an actual email exchange I just had with a young man who went to high school with my son: Hi Nancy, First off, sorry for...
singing to dog

Dog Songs and Singing to Your Dog

How many of you sing to your dogs when you’re alone together? I sure do. I sing to my dogs when we’re in the...
dog chasing chicken

Contain (and train) your dogs

The rural/suburban interface contains no end of potential conflicts for the humans who choose to live there and the animals they own, and perhaps...
dogs in shelter

Overcrowded animal shelters and overworked shelter workers: What can be done?

The difficulty in obtaining routine veterinary care may have contributed to the surge in pet overpopulation – but since that’s a long-term problem in...

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