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Whole Dog Journal’s 2022 Approved Canned Dog Foods

Here you’ll find a list of pet food companies that make the kind of foods that meet our canned dog food selection criteria. We’ve included ALL the information we gathered from each company on our approved foods list. Here’s the most exciting part about the table, however: It’s a searchable database that you can use to find appropriate foods for your dog!

All About Elevated Dog Bowls

Raised food and water bowls may be good for some dogs with specific health needs but are potentially harmful for others.

Dog Spay and Neuter Tattoos

Why does my dog have a tattoo on their tummy? Animal shelters and spay/neuter clinics routinely tattoo dogs with green or blue ink after spaying or neutering.

Does Spaying or Neutering Change Dog Behavior?

Why “fixing” your dog may not fix the behaviors that you find problematic.

Plants Poisonous to Dogs

We love our trees, shrubs, flowers, and houseplants for good reason. They reduce our stress levels, improve our health, increase our connections to nature, and bring us hours of aesthetic appreciation. Unfortunately, some of...

Submissive Urination and Excitement Urination

Some dogs can’t really help but urinate when they are frightened, anxious, or excited. What can you do to prevent this untimely submissive urination?
Female Dog Nursing Cute Puppies. Newborns Of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Sucking Breast Milk.

Prenatal Vitamins for Dogs

The best prenatal vitamins for dogs are found in foods marked for “all life stages.” The one exception is B9, a vitamin for pregnant dogs you might want to discuss with your veterinarian.

Why Does My Dog Stare at Me?

Your dog may stare at you for many reasons. A dog may stare to get your attention, to communicate with you, or she may use a creepy stare to warn you to “back off.” To understand why your dog stares, read her body language.

Excessive Panting in Dogs

Dogs pant for several reasons, the main one being to cool themselves. Dogs can’t perspire the way humans do, though they do have sweat glands in their ears and paw pads. Panting, however, is...

What To Do If Your Dog Eats Chocolate

Eating chocolate can threaten your dog’s life – or just pose a threat of vomit. How to know whether your dog’s chocolate consumption is an emergency, and what to do if it is.

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