dog in donut dog bed

Do Anti-Anxiety Dog Beds Work?

A dog bed for anxiety must suit your individual canine’s needs.
Veterinarian doctor examining a pritty dog

What Causes Yeast Infection in Dog Ears?

Frequent swimming and allergies are among the common causes of a dog ear yeast infection. Untreated, it can lead to scratching, head tilting, and neurological issues.
cute Chihuahua with blue towel close-up isolated

Heating Pad for Dog Arthritis

Heat therapy for dogs can reduce pain, ease stiffness, and relax muscles.
A young family is looking for a pet in a dog shelter.

“Should I Get A Second Dog?”

Things to think about if you’ve ever wondered if you should get another dog, or how many dogs is too many.
Two Dogs Barking For Each Other At The Public Park

How to Socialize a Dog-Reactive Dog

Dogs who have issues with other dogs can learn to be calm around other dogs – and maybe even make dog friends.
dog with bum up

Intestinal Blockages in Dogs

Intestinal blockages in dogs are a surgical emergency – but the dog’s prognosis is good if veterinary attention, diagnosis, and surgery are promptly provided.
dogs meeting each other

New Dog? Meet the Old Dog

How to introduce a new dog or puppy to the dog who is already part of your family.
Running with dog in winter

Running With Your Dog

Running or jogging has benefits for you and your dog, but keeping your dog safe while exercising is paramount. Here’s how to get a safe start to running together.
Cropped hand of person holding labrador retriever while putting in eyedrops at home

Eye Drops for Dogs

The only safe over-the-counter eye drops for dogs are saline eye drops and artificial tears.
Senior belgian malinois dog jumping and playing sports in the field

Vitamin E for Is Good for Dogs

Vitamin E is good and safe for dogs, but that doesn’t mean every dog needs it. Dogs on fish oil, however, may benefit from a vitamin E supplement.

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