Features April 2014 Issue

Training Your Dog to Be Polite

Could your dog pass this test: Staying relaxed in a “down/stay” while strangers walk (and even roll!) right past her in a public place? If not, she probably shouldn’t be in public until she’s had some remedial “downtown hound” lessons.

Training Your Dog to Be Polite

You can have a well-behaved, “take anywhere” dog; it just takes commitment and practice!

One of the great things about sharing your life with a dog is . . . sharing your life with your dog! True dog lovers always look for opportunities to include their canine companions in their activities. Decisions about recreational selections are often made based on whether the dog can participate or not. A hike in the woods wins over a kayaking trip. An outdoor café gets the nod over a fancy restaurant. Relatives who frown on canines sharing holiday festivities might get passed over in favor of those who welcome your furry family member and even buy her presents.

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