Teach Your Dog to Fetch By Training Your Dog to Love Retrieval

Teach Your Dog to Fetch By Training Your Dog to Love Retrieval

Dog won't fetch? There are several reasons why. Whole Dog Journal is here to teach you how to train your dog to retrieve - whether it be for honing obedience skills or just for fun.

Whether you’re interested in an informal fetch or a formal retrieve, your task will be easier if you encourage rather than discourage retrieve-related behaviors early in your relationship with your dog. When he has something in his mouth, praise him; tell him he’s a good dog! If it’s something he’s allowed to have, you can sometimes praise him and let him be, and other times, you can say “Trade!” and trade him a treat for the item. Or, trade him a treat for the item, and then give him the item back again. That’s quite a reward!

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