Great Dog Gifts 2016

Great Dog Gifts 2016

We’ve never published a gift guide before. But after spending three days at Superzoo, a gigantic trade show for pet-industry retailers, we came home with so many brochures and fliers and product samples – and so excited about some of the novel, useful, and fun things we saw there – that we had to share some of the best with you. We hope you get some ideas for great gifts for the dogs and dog owners you love.

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  • Whole Dog Journal editor Nancy Kerns

    Dog Health & Care

    A Tale of Two Puppies

    Dogs live such disparate lives in our world; the least we can do is help the most unfortunate a bit.

    Most of us see our beloved dogs snuggled in their beds (or ours), romping in our yards or local parks or play groups, on walks along the most picturesque paths we can find, and then back at home, on the couch or by the fireplace. It’s easy to forget about all the homeless...

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  • golden retreiver

    Dog Health & Care

    Treating Your Dog's Hypothyroidism

    An integrative approach to treating a dog with hypothyroidism (low thryoid).

    Hypothyroidism (underactive or low thyroid) is a common disorder in dogs. A variety of breeds are known to be genetically predisposed, including the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Dachshund, Boxer, Doberman, and Cocker Spaniel. (It’s normal for sighthounds such as the...

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  • fit old dog

    Senior Dog

    Exercise Your Senior Dog

    Exercise is essential for dogs of all ages. It helps maintain muscle tone, a healthy weight, joint flexibility, good circulation, and overall health and happiness – but when movement causes pain, it’s only natural to slow down or stay still. That creates a vicious cycle...

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    Latest Blog Post

    How Would Your Dog Rate You?

    I recently saw a video on Facebook that was titled, "How Moms Think of Themselves Versus How Their Kids Think of Them." It was a tad treacly, but bear with...

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