Analyzing Commercial Diets
Steve Brown has created numerous diets for pet food companies, as well as custom-formulated diets for individual dogs, including those in his own pack.

Analyzing Commercial Diets

This new column, produced by raw and home-prepared diet experts, will teach you to analyze commercial diets and make even better ones.

I couldn’t be more excited to introduce this new column in Whole Dog Journal. I’ve been wanting to find someone to write a regular column about home-prepared cooked and raw diets for WDJ, but no one I’ve discussed it with and proposed it to has been able to commit to the amount of work it’s going to take. Allow me to emphasize the part of that previous sentence that finally opened the door to presenting the column: the phrase no one. You see, several of the people I spoke with were willing to provide some of the work of the column. What I needed to do was to build a team of like-minded and experienced home-prepared diet formulators and raw-diet feeders who could collaborate on the creation of diet guidelines and analysis of products and recipes prepared by other formulators.

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