"Gear of the Year"

Some of our favorite dog-training and dog-care tools and toys.

We asked WDJ’s contributors for their recommendations for “things they can’t imagine living without” in their dog-care kits – their favorite dog toys, training tools, and treats. Here are some of the products that made their lists of things that they must have for their dogs.

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  • Weather The Storm


    Weather The Storm

    How to help thunder-phobic dogs.

    Apologies to that rockabilly Eddie Rabbitt, but not everyone loves a rainy night. Especially if there’s thunder and lightning. Fear of thunderstorms – formally called astraphobia – is surprisingly common in dogs; some experts estimate that up to 30 percent are...

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  • Our Safety Harness Reccomendation

    Leash Training

    Our Safety Harness Reccomendation

    Canine automobile safety harnesses are not all created equal; heres the only one wed use.

    As Dorea Fowler and her two daughters were nearing the end of a road trip from Atlanta to Florida, Fowler allowed her 7-year-old Boxer, Ruby, to move up and sit unrestrained in the front passenger seat of her Toyota Highlander. They were traveling uneventfully down the highway at...

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    Don’t Lose Them

    I don't know about you, but my Facebook news feed is often cluttered with posts regarding lost dogs. In the past week alone, friends or family shared photos...

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