Whole Dog Journal Tips March 16, 2015

(On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals #1) How to Identify and Use Calming Signals - Head Turning

Head Turning

A signal can be a swift movement, with the dog either turning his head to the side and back, or holding his head to one side for some time. It can be just a tiny movement, or the whole head can be clearly and deliberately turned to the side for several seconds.

Your dog may use head turning to tell an approaching dog to calm down. Perhaps the other dog approached yours too quickly, or approached him directly head on instead of in a curve.

Your dog may turn his head if you stoop over him. Although he may stand still, he might also turn his head which tells you that he is feeling uncomfortable in this situation.

You can use head turning yourself when a dog starts to get worried or frightened if you have approached him impolitely. If a scared dog starts to bark or growl at you, stop moving towards him, turn your head to one side and this help him feel better.

To learn more about signals your dog give you and the world and how to use them, purchase On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals from Whole Dog Journal.

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