WDJ In Stores Now

WDJ now available in dog-related businesses.


Our dog food coverage continues this month with a look at a category of commercial foods we haven’t examined for a while. “Dog food pre-mixes” are perfect for dog owners who want to provide a home-prepared diet to their dogs, but feel anxious about doing it right. They are also terrific time-savers for those with extensive experience at cooking for canines.

We were lucky to find renowned trainer Dr. Ian Dunbar at home long enough to interview him. In the process of setting up the interview, conducting it, and following up, we tracked his movements as he traveled to the Caribbean to speak at a conference, had a near-fatal car crash, got married, judged a pet tricks contest, taught at a conference in Wisconsin, gave a free community lecture at a local Chevy’s restaurant, and left for Thailand, I think it was? We live maybe 10 miles apart, but this helps explain why I don’t talk to Ian that often. I’m glad I made the effort, though; he raises some provocative points about the responsibilities of breeders and prospective dog owners.

Holistic veterinarian Randy Kidd has a PhD in pathology, so technical medical information doesn’t stump him. He’s done a brilliant job of explaining why corticosteroid drugs are so miraculous and, at the same time, so dangerous. If it gets too technical for you, go to the end of the article for a summation that should help guide your decision to use one of these powerful drugs on your dog, should you have to make that call someday.

There is lots more good stuff in this issue, but rather than describe all of it, allow me to announce something else I’m excited about, even though I don’t have much to do with it!


Our publisher, Belvoir Media, has historically publicized subscriptions only through direct mail; up until now, you couldn’t find WDJ on a rack anywhere. However, in response to a number of requests from dog-related businesses, including veterinarians, pet supply stores, groomers, and trainers, for the first time, our publisher has a program that will enable businesses to buy copies of WDJ in bulk for reselling to their customers.

If you are the owner of a dog-related business, and you might be interested in buying a number of copies of WDJ for your customers each month (at a special price), contact Dean Lage at dlage@belvoir.comor (941) 929-1720.

I sincerely hope this will help more dog owners learn about WDJ, and the positive, practical training and holistic health information we bring you every month. Spread the word!