Readers Add to Product Reviews

A water bottle for dog walkers; more uses for apple cider vinegar; and another arthritis supplement that works.


I am a (very happy) subscriber to your Journal and recently read an article you had prepared that reviewed water containers for dogs (WDJ May 1999). In this article you reviewed the Dog Canteen and the Handi-Drink. I own the dog canteen and have found it to have the same problems that you outlined (it leaks). The Handi-Drink sounds perfect since I need something like that to take on our walks (I have two Labradors).

I have searched in at least 10 dog supply catalogues and in my local pet stores and I cannot find the product. Nor could I find this company on the Web, or from Directory Assistance.

-Janine Hicks
via email


We apologize for the inconvenience. We had no trouble locating the product in our catalogs, but were completely unsuccessful in our own search for the company’s phone number before we went to press with the May issue. Macke Inc. can be reached at (877) 241-5300.


I have to tell you that your article on apple cider vinegar (WDJ May 1999) was excellent. I raise and show English Cockers, and one of the persistent problems we have with this breed is lip fold infections. Other English Cocker owners have used Listerine, antibiotic creams, and medicated powders (which I have also used). Although they seem to work for a while, the infections come back rather quickly. I always hate to use antibiotics unless there is no other way of fixing a problem, so I decided to try a 50-50 apple cider vinegar/water solution to clean the lip fold area.

First, my dog didn’t seem to mind the taste (she definitely “minds” the Listerene!). Second, the infection cleared up overnight! Now I give her mouth a regular “bathing” with apple cider vinegar just once a week. My other dogs also seem to like the taste so they every so often get a little in their water.

-Stephen Smith
via email


I just finished reading the section on “Reader’s Favorite Arthritis Supplements” in your May 1999 issue and was surprised that none of your readers mentioned “Fresh Factors.”

After trying several supplements (including human grade glucosamine) on our nine-year-old Lab/Shepherd mix with no success, my husband and I were really at a loss in deciding what we should do next. She had stopped running around the yard and climbing more than four stair steps is difficult for her. Although our vet advised that she is not seriously impaired and suggested some remedies, we want to delay any progression of the problem by using natural supplements.

A couple of months ago, I received a catalog from Springtime Inc. that provides natural supplements with information and testimonials from a multitude of horse and dog owners that have witnessed very positive results from the use of Fresh Factors. (They also make supplements for people).

After less than two months, she is running and playing with our younger dog and inviting my husband and me to play fetch with her. I can’t begin to tell you how pleased we are with the results so far.

Springtime Inc., of Cockeysville, Maryland can be contacted at (800) 521-3212 or (410) 771-8430.

-Shirley Douglas
Uniondale, NY


Editor’s note: A number of people have inquired about California Natural, the dog food used by the owner of the dog featured in our July Case History. California Natural, one of our 1999 “Top 10 Dry Dog Food” selections, is made by Natura Pet Products, Santa Clara, CA. To find a dealer near you, call (800) 532-7261.

However, please note that the dog’s seizures were also non-existent when he received a diet of Eukaneuba dog food, which is not one of our top 10 selections. The lesson the dog’s owner carried away from the experience is that if a dog is experiencing symptoms of poor health, improving the dog’s diet should be the owner’s first course of action.