Dog Memorial Gifts

When our best friends pass away, there are many ways to keep their memories close and comforting. Personalized dog memorial gifts provide dozens of options.


Our dogs’ lives are just too short, and their departures leave us grieving. Personalized memorial gifts are meaningful because they provide an emotional connection that helps keep our loyal companions’ spirits alive and accessible.

Popular memorials

There are many categories of personalized dog memorial gifts. Hand-made creations by talented artists tend to be the most expensive, but are the most likely to reflect a dog’s unique personality and spirit. But don’t discount the emotional impact of an individualized product made by a team of craftspeople, such as name-engraved jewelry, such as a-paw- or heart-shaped charm or pendant inscribed with the dog’s name. These tokens are available at a modest price but can very meaningful to a grieving person.

If you’re looking for an impactful gift for a friend who lost her cherished dog, consider one of the following dog memorial gifts. We’ve included some sample sources; the links are examples only, not an endorsement of any particular product.

  • Jewelry designed to contain a small amount of a pet’s ashes.
  • Hand-painted portraits, digital paintings, or charcoal sketches of departed dogs based on their photographs; try a search for “pet portrait memorial” to find examples in dozens of different styles and media.
  • Custom-made figures or statues that resemble departed dogs.
  • Framed photos with engraved metal plates, customized frames, photo books that show favorite moments in a dog’s life, or blankets imprinted with a dog’s photo.
  • Personalized plaques and stones, such as garden stones or memorial plaques engraved with the dog’s name or a meaningful message, designed for mounting or displaying indoors or out.
  • Keepsake boxes that store a dog’s collar, tags, favorite toy, or other belongings.
  • Urns and ash holders that safely store a dog’s ashes, or keepsake vials or containers that hold a small portion of those ashes.
  • Personalized candle holders or candles with a dog’s name or image.
  • Wind chimes customized with a dog’s name or paw prints.
  • Memorial benches for gardens or parks with inscriptions dedicated to a pet.
  • Planters for growing flowers or shrubs with engraved messages in a dog’s honor.
  • Christmas or holiday ornaments decorated with the dog’s image or name for seasonal display.
  • Memorial T-shirts, hats, caps, or other wearable items printed, embroidered, or air-brushed with the dog’s name or image.

Memorial benefits

Whenever we see or touch a memorial item, it can bring fond recollections and specific memories. Losing a pet can be as emotionally challenging as losing a human relative, and personalized memorial items provide solace and comfort in this time of loss.

Best of all, memorial gifts are designed to last, helping our pets’ memories endure. Well-designed memorials are aesthetically pleasing, so they are always appropriate.