Canine Book Review by Nancy Kerns


DogWise, WDJ’s favorite catalog of dog-related books, recently published a fantastic new book by WDJ Training Editor Pat Miller. Positive Perspectives: Love Your Dog, Train Your Dog includes a fair amount of information that first appeared in Miller’s articles for WDJ and other publications on dog training and care, updated and reworked for this volume, as well as original material on modifying canine behavior.


Miller is extraordinary in her commitment to safe, effective, dog-friendly training methods – a trait that has made her a favorite with WDJ readers over the past six years. Some people pay only lip service to “positive” training, riding the wave of its current popularity without much knowledge of the animal behavior or learning theories that can make it so effective. In contrast, Miller offers the real deal, with true dedication to training methods that work without ever compromising the all-important relationship between dogs and their owners.

As an experienced writer, Miller excels at presenting theories and applications in an easy-to-understand manner and with a friendly, encouraging tone. With 30-plus years’ experience as a dog trainer, she also offers plentiful “real world” examples that help relate the material to their own dogs.

Positive Perspectives ($19, 258 pages) is available from DogWise. (800) 776-2665 or