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Best Summer Reading List for Dog Owners

No one has time for books that don’t tell you what you want to know!

Summer is here! Whether you are packing your bags for a luxury cruise or making a glass of lemonade and heading for the chaise lounge in the back yard, it’s a great time to grab a couple of good books and catch up on your reading.

As we all know, dogs are hot – and not just in the panting-in-the-sun sense. An excess of books about dogs have been published in the last year, with numerous titles on dog training, care, psychology, and more. But while you can find something interesting in almost any dog book you read, we prefer to spend our precious free time reading those that have lots of useful information.

What follows, then, are our recommendations for the books that should go on the top of your summer reading list. We looked for books that are fun to read, well-written, advocate the use of positive training methods, and offer lots of useful information on dog care and training that would apply to a wide audience.

Our advice would be to forget the cruise – pick up a couple of these books, put dibs on the chaise lounge, and save a spot in the shade for your canine friends. Look in your local bookshop, or call the dog book catalog sources we’ve listed in Resources. Happy reading!

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-By Pat Miller

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