Labeling Dog Food Just Like People Food!

Solid Gold introduces “MMillennia,” a great new food.


We’ve been whining lately about the dog food industry’s reluctance to embrace and use a “date of manufacture” on their product labels. There is no argument that fresher foods are better foods; with time, vitamins degrade, oils go stale and become rancid, and molds may develop, no matter what sort of preservatives are used. But the big pet food makers would rather concentrate on making their foods last as long as possible – extending shelf life with preservatives, keeping oxygen out of the food with cutting-edge technology bags, etc. – than working out a distribution system that gets their products into the bowls of consumers faster.

So we were thrilled to see a date of manufacture printed on a bag of “MMillennia,” a new formula made by Solid Gold Health Products for Pets, of El Cajon, California. When we called to ask the company about the date, a spokesperson even offered that the food ought to be opened within six months of the date of manufacture, and consumed within 90 days of opening the bag. Finally, a company that treats dog food like real food!

Another of our pet peeves has to do with the calorie content in foods; we don’t know why most food makers hide this information from dog food buyers. While MMillennia’s label does not list this information, the spokesperson had a ready answer for our question: The food contains 450 kilocalories per cup. We’re so happy!

So, there’s nothing but good news to report about this food – except perhaps that the named is spelled goofy and the foil-type bags are extremely difficult to photograph. How’s that for nitpicking? Seriously, the list of ingredients is sterling; there is nothing in here that shouldn’t be. All the grains are present in their entirety. The protein and fat sources are top-quality. This is a great food.

Is there any icing on this cake? There is. Solid Gold has recently joined the ranks of the small, select group of food makers who will take orders and ship fresh food directly to the consumer – but without the multi-level marketing hassles. So if you can’t find a distributor near you, don’t despair, just pick up the phone.

MMillennia is made by solid gold Health Products for pets, Inc., El Cajon, ca. Ph (800) 364-4863