Even More Frozen Raw Dog Food Manufacturer Information!

A couple more makers of frozen raw diets, and some of your suggestions and comments on WDJ (keep ‘em coming!).



The chart at the bottom of the page  is an addendum to the list of manufacturers of WDJ’s approved raw  frozen raw diets for dogs that was published in our November issue.


I noticed that the next issue will have an article on canine blood banks. How timely for me. My dog was diagnosed in the middle of September with immune mediated bone marrow suppression, brought on by Phenobarbital use. He had been on Phenobarbital for only six months, to control his psychomotor epilepsy. He has had five blood transfusions to date, every one of them at enormous financial and emotional expense.

At times we have had to access the blood bank in Winnipeg, Manitoba; I am in Ontario. While at a referral hospital in Toronto (he was having a bone marrow biopsy), I asked if I could buy some PRBCs. I could not unless he was admitted to the hospital. This was repeated across the board, teaching hospitals, emergency clinics, etc. My plan was to take the blood back to my primary veterinarian. At that point he had had three transfusions. His PCV at the referral hospital was a dismal 14, and I was sent home with no hope of getting blood. We did manage to track a bag down in the next few days; it was not his type, but we had to use it.

I have been forced to illegally bring blood over the border. I am very distressed at the lack of co-operation and availability of blood products out there, not to mention the expense. I do realize that it cost a lot to produce and process. I am lucky as I can do most of the work myself, but I really feel for lay people, who do not have that training. I know the odds are against my dog making it, but I want to try everything that I can for him.
Deb Stanton, RVT, and
Gourd the Dog
Via email

The blood bank article appears on the following pages. My best to you and Gourd.  


I love you, and I wonder if you even know how rare a publication like WDJ is. On the same day that I got my WDJ, I also got a professional “journal” issue reviewing medical research. Without exception, every article in that magazine was research sponsored by a company that made the product being evaluated. And, surprise! All the research showed wonderful results using their products! I am awestruck every time I read a review in WDJ and it is actual, objective information, not an infomercial.

One comment on “The Right Stuff” toy recommendations (December 2010).Various companies now make some beautiful, lifelike, stuffed animal squeaky toys – realistic squirrels, ducks, skunks. What exactly are they thinking, making lifelike skunk toys?! I don’t want my dog thinking skunks are fun to bite and shake around! Those are high on my list of really, bad ideas.

Keep up the wonderful work. Could I  get you to review a few medical therapeutic items for me that I can’t find any objective information on?
Linda Palter
Via email

I thought Christmas was a good time to let you know how much I love the WDJ and all of its timely articles. Some in particular have been extremely helpful, like the extensive dissertation on pancreatitis (WDJ November and December 2008 and January 2009), of which my GSD suffers intermittently, and the one about changed protocols for immunizations. My vet is very approachable and open to a collaborative relationship, especially after working with me in-depth with problems with prior GSDs. I showed her the article on a reduced vaccination schedule (“Annual Vet (Not Vaccine) Visits,” August 2010) and asked her opinion. She was receptive, and so we only had the state-mandated rabies plus one other for a disease prevalent around here, and skipped the others. She said she does the same for her dogs.

And oh that Otto! I feel very disappointed if there isn’t something about him in each issue, he is so darn cute, and I like that you openly and honestly share your experiences with him. I cannot omit how your publication has educated me on dog food! That has been huge.
Carole Shafer and
Suzi, the scamp GSD
SW Michigan


I really enjoy everything about Whole Dog Journal except the Editor-In-Chief’s column. I, along with most of my friends, were horrified when Nancy Kerns got her new dog and shared with everyone that the poor critter would be living outside because the dog and the husband preferred it. I was sickened by her negative article about fostering. And now I’m embarrassed to buy subscriptions to WDJ for holiday gifts as the editor’s note about being a celebrity and taking bribes. Maybe it’s time to consider a new editor.

I’m glad you like the Dyson and hope you donate it to a shelter when you are finished with your “review.” I find it doesn’t have good suction about half the time I use it; it’s way too heavy and the hose gets clogged with the least little bit of dog hair. But maybe if the tester actually had long haired animals that lived inside . . .
Pat Johnson
Via email

Just for the record: Otto sleeps inside any time he wishes to. It’s up to him. In the winter, he’s indoors about three-quarters of the time.