Additional Whole Dog Journal 2008 Approved Dry Foods

Products we missed, were late, or were somehow incomplete!


This is absolutely not an excuse, but do us a favor and look at the incredible accumulation of minute facts about dog foods that appeared in the February issue and in this one; it may have been inevitable that we made a few small mistakes. We apologize for any inconvenience we have caused through the following errors and/or oversights:

  • The section on Wellness should have mentioned both Wellness and Wellness Simple Food Solutions; both lines of food are on our “approved dry dog food” list. We also listed Wellness’s physical and website addresses incorrectly; the company is in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, and the website is
  • Solid Gold sent us their materials too late for us to include their products in our “approved dry dog foods” list in the February issue; their product information appears here now.
  • Due to an editing error, we failed to include the information sent to us by Pet Chef Express in the same “approved foods” list; their product information is also included here now.
  • We meant to note that a major feature of SmartPak’s LiveSmart food is its unique packaging and direct-shipping option. If desired, SmartPak will seal your dog’s food in individually customized daily portion packages; this is for an additional monthly fee of $6.95 (shipping is free). This way, the food is “just-opened” fresh every day! It also makes it easy to keep your dog on a diet, especially if portion control is a problem with the people who feed the dog in your house.
  • This one was totally not our fault! “Light Up the Night” – a review of nighttime visibility products in the January issue contained an inaccuracy in the description of our top pick in reflective collars. Glow Dog, based in Ashland, Massachusetts, makes the most amazing reflective products for dogs and their handlers. The products look normal in daylight, but reflect very brightly when headlights are trained on them.

Our only criticism of Glow Dog’s products noted that its reflective collar lacked a D-ring for a leach attachment, an oversight we didn’t understand. Glow Dog responded that of course its collars had D-rings, and they sent us some more collars as proof. But the one we received as a sample really didn’t! Apparently it was a dud, sent to us in error. Glow Dog says, “We stand behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee!”

Glow Dog reflective collar


If you receive a Glow Dog product that doesn’t seem right, contact the company at (888) 456-9364 for a refund or a replacement. Glow Dog website ( is currently under construction; products can be purchased through


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