Advanced Training Techniques

Advanced Positive Dog Training Terms and Techniques

such as going through a series of "weave poles."üPremack exercise: To get the prize

Getting Beyond the Basics of Dog Training

Not so very long ago, trainers assumed that anyone who signed up for a basic obedience class was seeking that perfectly straight, sit-in-perfect-heel position. Classes were conducted with military precision, trainers barking commands as owners marched their dogs in a circle, jerking and popping on leashes and choke chains in order to achieve lightning-fast responses. Success was measured by speed and perfection of position, and advanced work was conducted with one goal – to show in American Kennel Club obedience competitions, earn obedience degrees, and achieve scores as close to that magic “perfect 200” as possible.

Target-Train Your Dog to Ring A Doorbell

Each month, I stand in the middle of my training center during the second session of my newest Level One class and introduce my...

Long Distance Information

controlled area" to "come reliably when called regardless of where we are or what other exciting things are happening"?

Enter the long line: a behavior management tool that you can use very effectively to prevent Ranger from being rewarded by dashing off. The fact that he can't leave also gives you the opportunity to convince him that coming to you is irresistibly rewarding regardless of the circumstances.

Long lines come in many forms

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