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Should You Shave Your Dog? Shaving Against Advice

Grooming experts almost always advise against shaving double-coated dogs – but it can really help some overheated senior dogs cool down and feel better in the summer.
broken dog tooth

Your Dog’s Chipped or Broken Tooth

Dogs can chip their teeth in accidents or just by chewing on something hard. Is your dog’s chipped tooth a medical emergency?
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How Much Exercise Do Dogs Need?

Healthy adult dogs need at least half an hour of active exercise every day, and most need more. Here’s how to give your dog the exercise she needs for optimum health and happiness.
So your dog ate a mushroom. What happens now.

My Dog Ate a Mushroom in the Grass

What to do if your dog eats a wild mushroom.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog lying on his side on grass smiling, looking at the camera taken at ground level. He is looking at the camera.

Syncope Episodes in Dogs

Syncope (or fainting spells) can look a lot like seizure activity. Learn how to tell the difference between seizures and syncope and what can cause syncope in dogs.
Dog Swimming

A Few Drops of Blue-Green Algae Can Kill a Dog

Signs of blue-green algae poisoning can begin within 30 minutes of ingestion.
Dog nails splitting are very painful.

Why Are My Dog’s Nails Splitting?

Split or broken nails are very painful for dogs and can get infected – and some dogs are highly prone to these problems. Here’s how to prevent your dog’s nails from splitting or breaking.
Cute bathed havanese puppy dog with orange towel

Dry Shampoo for Dogs

You can use dry shampoo on your dog when a regular bath is not in the cards, but why would you?
A dog squatting to poop on the grass

Is Your Dog’s Poop a Weird Color?

Follow our simple dog poop color chart to learn why your dog's poop is not brown.
How long should a dog's nails be? In a word: short.

How Long Should a Dog’s Nails Be?

The correct dog nail length is when the nails don’t touch the ground when your dog is standing still.
Close-Up Of Dog Eating Stone On Wooden Table

Pica in Dogs

If you’re battling pica in your dog, you can’t ignore it. Treatments depend upon the signs you’re seeing and suspected causes.
Close-up angry little black dog of toy terrier breed on a white background.Selective focus.

Fluoxetine for Dogs

While FDA-approved for separation anxiety, fluoxetine is also a medication for aggressive dogs.

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Canine Obesity: It’s a Big Problem

Most of the dogs in the U.S. are overweight, their owners don’t know it, and their veterinarians don’t feel comfortable talking to their clients about it.