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Should You Shave Your Dog? Shaving Against Advice

Grooming experts almost always advise against shaving double-coated dogs – but it can really help some overheated senior dogs cool down and feel better in the summer.
How long should a dog's nails be? In a word: short.

How Long Should a Dog’s Nails Be?

The correct dog nail length is when the nails don’t touch the ground when your dog is standing still.
poodle hair

Does Your Dog Have Hair or Fur?

What’s the difference between dog hair and fur? While the terms are often used interchangeably, grooming experts offer definitions that describe your dog’s coat.
how often should you wash your dog clean dog in a bed

How Often Should Your Wash Your Dog?

When should you wash your dog? It depends on your dog’s coat, lifestyle, activities, age, and health. Here’s how to reduce allergens, minimize shedding, and keep your dog smelling fresh.
dog getting a bath how to bathe a dog

How to Bathe Your Dog

Follow these instructions and suggestions for dog bathing products to make bath time a pleasant and beneficial experience for you and your pup.
Homemade dog shampoo in reusable glass bottles

DIY Gifts for Dogs: Homemade Dog Shampoo

These easy DIY dog gifts are worth making for yourself as well as dog-loving friends. Natural food stores and online retailers sell a variety...

A Counter-Conditioning Protocol for Nail Trimming

1. Determine the location of touch your dog can tolerate without reacting fearfully or aggressively. Perhaps it’s her shoulder, perhaps her elbow, or maybe just...

What’s The Best Grinding Tool For Your Dog’s Nails?

There are dozens of grinding tools on the market – products specifically for trimming dogs’ nails, as well as rotary tools designed for woodworking...

Grinders vs. Clippers: What’s Best for your Dog’s Nails?

Maybe it’s the telltale click-clack as your dog moseys across the kitchen floor. Or the unmistakable and often painful raking sensation when she jumps...

Help! My Dog Always Smells Bad

Most of us love snuggling with our dogs and burying our noses in our dogs' soft, shiny coats. But if you find yourself avoiding that last activity due to your dog's persistent unpleasant odor, read on!

The MudBuster: A Dog Paw Cleaner That Makes Cleaning Dog Feet Easy

A great paw cleaning tool for cleaning muddy feet, treating dogs with yeasty feet, or rinsing salt or other ice-melting chemicals off your dog's paws.

Your Dog’s Physical Characteristics (And Why They Matter)

if you are aware of them before your dog suffers an injury. For example

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Canine Obesity: It’s a Big Problem

Most of the dogs in the U.S. are overweight, their owners don’t know it, and their veterinarians don’t feel comfortable talking to their clients about it.