Proper Use of No-Pull Harnesses


Some trainers scoff at the use of tools such as control harnesses, claiming that you are simply “managing” a problem behavior rather than training the dog.

A well-designed control harness, properly used, does give you a physical advantage so that you can prevent your dog from dragging you around (and reinforcing himself by reaching the thing(s) he wants). If that’s all you use it for, then you are using it solely as a management tool. While that may work for some dogs, others may eventually learn to pull hard enough to defeat the physical advantage, and you’re back to square one, now with a dog who can pull you around on his control harness.

To make the best use of these tools, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity the harness gives you to prevent your dog from self-reinforcement for his pulling, and reinforce your dog very well for his polite walking. If you do, eventually you may not need your control harness, or if you do choose to continue using it, it will continue to effectively allow you to control your dog if or when he does pull.