The FURminator Wins Yet Another Fan


So, for years, I’ve been hearing about the “FURminator,” some sort of super-powered dog brush. I just couldn’t imagine there was all that much to it – and it was wildly expensive. FIFTY dollars for a dog brush? Or, as the company’s literature refers to it, a “de-Shedding Tool,” complete with that completely random capitalization.  This year, though, I finally got desperate enough to shell out the money, in hopes of getting a handle on the copious amounts of hair that my darling dog Otto is shedding.

The FURminator Wins Yet Another Fan


Shock and awe. I *love* the FURminator. It’s an amazing tool. It really does perform as advertised; it pulls all the loose hair off the dog — or cat! It worked great on my old cat Shadow’s super-fine coat, too!

A week ago, I spent a night at a friend’s house. My friend is the owner of Carly, a now-elderly dog who was once a frequent model for WDJ. Carly’s coat has gotten thicker and thicker over the years, and her shedding is now practically year-round. I mentioned the FURminator to Carly’s owner. “I know it’s expensive; buy one anyway. You’ll love it.”

I got the report this weekend. Maureen said, “I can’t believe how much hair I got off of Carly in the first session with the FURminator. I just keep thinking how much of my time and space in my vacuum bags this is going to save me.”

Have you tried the FURminator? Did it live up to your expectations?


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