Planet Dog Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Orbee


When I learned that Planet Dog was releasing a “Special Edition 10th Anniversary Orbee,” my first thought was, “Wow, has it really been 10 years?” The ball still seems new and exciting around Whole Dog Journal’s editorial office.

Planet Dog Products


I love the Planet Dog products, especially the Orbee, Orbee-Tuff, and Orbee-Tuff RecycleBALL balls. And the company seems pretty cool, too.  It donates 2 percent of each purchase to the Planet Dog Foundation, its nonprofit grant-making organization, which in turn makes grants to service dog and therapy dog organizations. (For the record, my dog Otto prefers the Orbee-tuff RecycleBALLs. Not because he’s so PC – because they are more squishy in the mouth. He’s s squisher: “Squish! Squish!”)

The Orbee was one of the first products of the modern generation of thoughtful, “specially for dogs” dog toys – in contrast to re-purposed kid toys or sports equipment. It’s hollow and globe-like, with rough depictions of earth’s continents appearing in a raised material that helps the ball bounce unpredictably – increasing the fun factor for most dogs. It floats, is durable, nontoxic, made in the USA, recyclable, and 100 percent guaranteed.

Do your dogs like Orbees? (If so, consider entering the “I Love My Orbee So Much Story Contest” on Facebook.) If not, what is his or her favorite toy? We need to review toys again soon.