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The Twinkies Experiment

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Good food covered in flies.

You know those stories of how Twinkies can last forever? I kind of want to run my own experiment after something I witnessed recently.

There is a cute cat who lives somewhere in my neighborhood who comes over to beg for food from time to time. For months last year, I thought she had been abandoned; I asked all my neighbors if they knew were she belonged and no one did. (I even took her in to have her spayed and it turned out that she had a spay scar, so I brought her back to the neighborhood, but with her tummy shaved.) Eventually, I found her owner, who cheerfully told me that so many people feed the cat, that she doesnít have to. Oy!

At any rate, the cat had gone missing. I havenít seen her in at least six months, and I thought the odds were good that the owners had moved or she had gotten killed. And then suddenly, there she was again, on my front porch, begging for food.

Well, I had JUST finished our annual canned dog food review (which appears in the November issue) and there are pouches and tubs and cans of canned dog food all over my office. I grabbed one of the ďdoes not meet our standardsĒ foods, one that was packed in a plastic tub, popped the top off, and put it on the porch. I patted the cat and went back to work.

About six hours later, I was taking the trash out and saw the plastic tub. First odd thing: the cat hadnít eaten a single bite of the food. Second odd thing: there wasnít a single fly on the food.

Now, Iíve been fostering six puppies, and I live in northern California, where weíve been having a terrible drought. The flies have been NO JOKE this year. And itís gotten so that I can locate any pile of puppy or dog poo in the backyard by the buzzing of flies, which descend within seconds of the poopís deposit. When I feed the puppies a plate full of (good) canned food, if they donít finish it, the food is covered with flies within minutes. How there could be no flies on this food six hours later was beyond me.

So I tried a little experiment: At the puppiesí next mealtime, I prepared their (good) food on a plate, and put the plate next to the tub of icky food. I went in the house to get a camera, and went back out. The results?

Low-quality food even the flies won't touch.

Within two minutes, there were about 10 flies on the puppy food, and two flies on the tub of poor-quality food. And I think the ones on the icky food were just confused by the proximity of the good food. Itís as if even FLIES didnít recognize it as actual food!!

Now I want to run further experiments, similar to those people who put a Twinkie away in a cupboard and see how long it will look edible, with no visible mold or rot. Generally, canned foods do not contain preservatives, but there is something in there that seems to repel flies. When I took the good food away, the low-quality food again drew no flies Ė the first time in my life Iíve been grossed out by the LACK of flies.

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My husband would like to know what brand of food the flies wouldn't eat so he can smear some on his body next time he's fishing on the Jersey shore! LOL

Posted by: 4liz2 | October 22, 2014 4:33 PM    Report this comment

Most BIG dog food makers, have all their dry kibbles and biscuits loaded with BHA, BHT , Ethyoxiqin, and the new one TBH which are all known by these companys to cause cancer, but good old FDA and there bought investigators will allow there use "at a small dose for occasional use", but who eats cereal occasionally? Butter and anything with FAT or OIL (vegetable) in it has the chemicals so the product doesn't oxidize and go bad too quickly, like in 6 to 7 days. Instead all these products have shelf lives of up to 12 months, without them they would spoil within a week.
So why does the FDA allow it? Well if you grease enough hands with enough cash you can DO ANYTHING you want and not have to answer for it.
Why have Cancer rates increased by 6 times since they first started to use them in 1948?
Why has the average life of most large breed dogs gone from 16 years to less than 10 years|?
Ask the manufacturers who use them if they care about people and their pets or about profit. God forbid that food would spoil and they couldn't sell it.

Posted by: Gradysdad | October 22, 2014 8:26 AM    Report this comment

I'm mystified as to why veterinarians promote Science Diet as a quality, superior food that they all feed to their own animals. Does the company pay them to endorse their brand? Where does this loyalty come from?

Posted by: Mary D. | October 21, 2014 7:43 PM    Report this comment

When I was a girl my Mum told me how I knew if food was nutritious/good for me.
If it doesn't get weevils or go mouldy when stored too long, it is no good!
In the past I used to buy a brand of dinner rolls- they were pretty good to eat ;-) But I put some of them in with the dogs' dinner one night when I was short of their usual stuff. A nasty yellow way substance started to float on the surface -- So I threw the remainder of those rolls in the compost bin. AND they were still there, still looking 'fresh' when everything else was composted.

Posted by: Jenny H | October 21, 2014 6:30 PM    Report this comment

If you knew the food was sub-standard and "icky" why woud you feed it to ANYTHING especially a cat that was in need?

Posted by: V_Den-270 | October 21, 2014 2:35 PM    Report this comment

In all likelihood, that food was made with GMO products. I saw a documentary on LINK TV where animals all rejected the GMO foods (i.e., corn, etc. for farm animals, as well as mice and rats), and would only eat if starving. Also, once eating it, they developed all kinds of diseases and deformities in their offspring. It sounds to me like that 'food' was not real food.

This is the reason why we have so much human diseases and problems in this country. I bet that food was GMO products. Just thinking...

Posted by: abitcrazy | October 21, 2014 2:27 PM    Report this comment

Wow! Even the flies don't like it. That's disturbing.

Posted by: CorgisKisses | October 21, 2014 1:55 PM    Report this comment

Whatever happened to "The Whole Cat Journal" or is there an equivalent periodical for cats?

Posted by: spotdals | October 21, 2014 1:49 PM    Report this comment

I am amazed that there is something out there that even flies won't bother. Maybe the maker should know about this and maybe create a line of fly repellent???

Posted by: AB in AR | October 21, 2014 1:37 PM    Report this comment

Where can I find your list of good food because I certainly do not want to ever
buy this icky food by mistake?

Posted by: ljstratton | October 21, 2014 1:35 PM    Report this comment

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