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Happy Ending To a Foster Story

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The sun finally came out in my part of California, on the northeast edge of the great Sacramento Valley. I had a number of invitations from friends hit the trails and I accepted almost all of them. As a result, I’m stiff and muscle-sore and my dog, Otto, is sleeping like a log.

The most beautiful outing was the hike on Saturday morning alongside the Feather River. Otto and I met my new friend Chris, owner of my recent foster dog, Chaco; Chaco herself; and Chris’ other dog, Indie, a Bloodhound-Border Collie-mix. Otto and Chaco were happy to reunite, chasing each other and wrestling along the way, while Indie – a little older and less athletic – was content to sniff her way along the trail and try to stay out of the youngsters’ way.

Chris and I stopped again and again to admire the view: the sun’s rays sparkling on the river; elegant blue herons wading on the river’s edge; the lush green grass springing up everywhere. The only thing that wasn’t quite perfect (at least from my view) was Chaco’s habit of flinging herself exuberantly onto and rolling around on every type of poop we came across: big gloppy cow patties, smaller but equally gooey wild turkey droppings, and even tiny, dried-up raccoon poop. She was literally green by the end of the walk and I was super-glad she wasn’t getting into MY car at the end of the hike. Chris is a great sport and a great owner, though, and she laughed it off, saying she had a crate in the car and she had already planned to bathe both her dogs later that day, so why worry?

I’m thrilled that yet one more of my foster dogs has found a terrific home, and I have a new friend and hiking partner – whose dogs are pleasant (if not pleasant-smelling!) and reliable off-leash. Talk about win/win/win!

Comments (2)

Each foster holds that special place in our hearts. As we travel through our small town, we say 'helllooo' to the critters we've placed in various homes. Driving on Norfolk, we're all yelling, 'Hi, Bertha!'. As we round the corner to Prospect Avenue, we automatically chime in together, 'Hey, Drake!' Mini celebrations of love are around every bend as we salute each of the others in the same way. They have their new names now and e know they're finally 'home'. We knew them when they were at their most needy and probably when they were their least well behaved. We loved them then and we love them now. Now they help us to remember that it's an honor and a privilege to speak for those who can not speak for themselves. Thank you, our furry fosters!

Posted by: DDC | February 10, 2011 10:58 AM    Report this comment

I have a very gentlemanly ACD who refrains from rolling in the poop and dead things that we come across on our walks; but the Corgi and my 13yr old spaniel mix and NOW the Chihuahua that i am keeping for a friend who had to move, all are persistent about rolling in the most vile smelling stuff they can find. Believe me when i say that manure is the least offensive of what they manage to find! and that in summer, baths after walks are a common event before they can be allowed back in the house; sometimes the drive home is with MY head out the open window, not theirs!
That aside, is it not the best feeling ever to know one of 'your' fosters has a great home? When people ask me how can i foster, don't i want to keep them all? i have to say first of all, no i don't want to keep them all, i don't want to live with every dog that happens to need a home. But the other part is that it is very gratifying to know i was part of their journey to that perfect home and maybe helped make that happen.

Posted by: Rachel S | January 25, 2011 10:40 PM    Report this comment

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