Dogs in the Workplace Company Profile: On-Site LaserMedic


On-Site LaserMedic is a dog-friendly laser printer repair company in Chatsworth, California. Roxanna Sanchez, the organization’s chief operating officer, has been bringing her dogs to work for 15 years and is responsible for overseeing office-dog privileges for On-Site’s 23-person staff. Currently, four employees, including Sanchez, bring their dogs to work.

“The dogs brings happiness and a sense of calmness to the office,” Sanchez says. “Our customer service center can get bombarded with challenges throughout the day, and the dogs are good for the soul.”

Sanchez helps set up employees for success with their dogs in the office by reminding them to create an environment where the dog will be comfortable. This makes it less likely the employee will be distracted by a dog who is uncomfortable and acts out in order to get his needs met. Should an employee’s pet present a challenge, she’ll request that the dog take a break from the office; she’ll also refer the team to area trainers and is willing to reevaluate the dog at a later time. For some dogs, a little extra training makes all the difference. For others, including one of Sanchez’ own prior dogs, coming to the office just isn’t the right choice for the dog.

“I had a Rottweiler who came to the office with me all the time as a young puppy. She loved it,” says Sanchez. “But as she matured, she became suspicious of certain people and certain things, and I realized she wasn’t comfortable at work. I stopped bringing her.”

Throughout her 19-year history with On-Site, Sanchez has successfully introduced nine of her own pet dogs to the workplace, one or two at a time. She currently rotates between Myka, a 12-year-old Havanese; Bree, a 4-year-old, mid-sized mixed breed; and Ruuk, a 2-year-old, 10-pound mixed breed.

“We’re very fortunate to have a professional family atmosphere where our dogs are welcomed and appreciated,” she said. “So long as you set and hold employees to clear expectations, we’ve found dogs in the workplace to be a great asset to the organization.”

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