Can Dogs Eat Mango?

The mango packs a juicy punch when you’re trying to “treat” your dog right. So yes, dogs can eat mangoes if you prepare them properly.


Is mango good for dogs? This luscious powerhouse contains vitamins A,C, B, and E, plus lots of fiber. When they are ripe, it’s hard to beat their healthy and sweet appeal. The best part is you can feel free to share some mango chunks with your dog – as long as you prepare it properly.

Don’t feed the whole mango to your dog

This healthy snack needs to be prepared for your dog pretty much the same way as you would for yourself: carefully peeled, pit removed, and cut into bite-sized chunks. The peel and pit especially present choking hazards to those dogs who scarf down their food. One-inch cubes are suitable for larger dogs, whereas smaller dogs should be fed chunks half that size.

Keep in mind that there is a lot of fiber and sugar in this fruit, so go easy at first and don’t overdo it (besides, that means there’s more mango for you!). Feeding one-quarter of a cup of mango chunks is a safe amount for most dogs, but you should scale down the amount for toy breeds.

Can dogs eat dried or frozen mangoes?

Like a lot of tropical fruits, the mango is best enjoyed at the peak of ripeness. The timing can be tricky, however, so on a hot day, a good substitute can be frozen mango chunks found in the freezer section of your grocery store. This is a fun outdoor activity for a mouthy dog when the temperatures rise. Dried mangos (or any dried fruits, for that matter) should not be fed to dogs, as they are extremely high in sugar.

If you have a dog with a health condition that requires a special diet, it’s important to refrain from providing treats (even healthy treats like mangos) without first seeking your veterinarian’s approval.