Whole Dog Journal Tips October 23, 2012

(Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats #1) - Are you feeding your pet the right way?

Are you feeding your pet the right way? The debate over pet food is ongoing, from the source and quality of the ingredients to the use of chemical preservatives, colors and flavoring agents. Only a few premium brands contain food suitable for consumption for humans; almost all are made from such questionable raw materials, that they have been the focus of lengthy exposes by veterinarians and investigate journalists. So what should dogs eat?

Everything in their anatomy points to a meat-based diet. Like foxes, coyotes, wolf, hyena, lion, tiger and other wild relatives, domestic dogs have sharp teeth for tearing meat and gnawing on teeth, their secretions are highly concentrated and their intestines are short which makes them well suited for processing freshly killed animals. 

The benefits of feeding your dog a diet of high-quality food, particularly a homemade diet with raw meat and bones, are numerous.

For an easy-to-read yet detailed account of the advantages of a natural diet and an herbal and holistic approach to your dog’s health, purchase CJ Puotinen’s Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats from The Whole Dog Journal.

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