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Ticks And Canine Lyme Disease


Safeguard Your Dog from Ticks and Lyme Disease

No matter where you reside, the phrase “Lyme disease” is sure to bring fear and confusion to any dog owner. The disease is difficult to detect, stubborn to cure and if it lingers undetected, extremely dangerous to your dog. And without expert diligence, the ticks that carry the disease are close to impossible to find.

Long thought to be confined to the Northeast, the dangers of Lyme disease continue to expand its reach. To help you keep pesky ticks from harming your dog, get your downloadable copy of Ticks and Canine Lyme Disease from Whole Dog Journal. With this informative ebook, you’ll be fully-prepared to prevent and protect your dog from getting ticks, and discover the best treatment methods in the event they contract the dangerous diseases they carry.

Understand the conditions ticks most favor. Learn how to best examine your dog for ticks and what to do if you find one. Know the symptoms to keep an eye out for in case your dog is bitten by a tick.

With expert advice from traditional and holistic veterinarians (as well as fellow dog owners), you’ll get the answers and advice you need to protect your dog.

The ticks are lying in wait, so order your copy of this always-timely ebook today!

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