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Taking Your Dog to the Vet


An Essential Guide for Stress-Free Vet Visits

Does your dog have anxiety at your vet’s office? Is your best friend overly stressed when you try to get her out of the car and into the vet’s office? Does the thought of your furry friend’s distress stress you out?

You’re not alone. But with some helpful tips collected from veterinarians and canine experts, you can make the experience more comfortable and stress-free for your dog and you.

In Whole Dog Journal’s downloadable e-book Taking Your Dog to the Vet, you’ll learn how to prepare yourself and your dog for a visit to the vet’s office. From researching the best care providers in your area, to ensuring you take care of problems before they become bigger and more expensive, to keeping your dog calm in the waiting room, this is the ultimate guide for dog owners who want to successfully navigate the entire veterinarian care experience as stress-free as possible.

Taking Your Dog to the Vet is full of valuable topics and tips dog owners will appreciate, including:

  • Preparation tips to make your vet visit a success
  • How to get your dog comfortable with a new person touching and handling him
  • Ways to advocate for your dog while actively listening to your vet
  • The gentle care revolution and how it benefits your dog
  • Supporting your dog during through the office visit

This e-book is available for instant download so you can begin preparing immediately for your dog’s next vet’s office visit.

Taking Your Dog to the Vet is available ONLY from Whole Dog Journal. Order the e-book and download it today to help your dog enjoy a longer, healthier life with stress-free vet visits.

*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.

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