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Managing A Multi-Dog Household


Having a dog is one of life’s greatest pleasures, so having 2 can only double that pleasure, right?  Not necessarily.  Learn about the challenges of a multi-dog home before you add to your “litter” with Whole Dog Journal’s downloadable e-book MANAGING A MULTI-DOG HOUSEHOLD.

With this special publication you’ll learn:

  • How to tell if your current dog can live with another dog in the house
  • Where, and how to best find an additional dog
  • How to identify, manage, and even prevent aggression triggers
  • When NOT to get another dog!

Multiple dogs in a home can be a blessing.  Watching your dogs play together, and learning from each other is extremely satisfying. However, if the breed, age, size, or gender is not compatible (and you will be surprised about what is and isn’t a “good mix”) you’re asking for trouble.

So be prepared prior to adding to your canine-family, order your downloadable e-book of MANAGING A MULTI-DOG HOUSEHOLD today!