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Guide To Collars, Leashes & Harnesses


Newly Updated! A No-Nonsense Guide to Collars, Leashes, and Harnesses! Did you know:

  • Your dog’s collar may be teaching him to pull?
  • If used improperly a leash can cause permanent physical damage?
  • Use of a halter may require desensitization?

With Whole Dog Journal’s GUIDE TO COLLARS, LEASHES, & HARNESSES you’ll learn how to best utilize this vital piece of equipment to keep your dog well-trained, safe, and happy. Written in the honest, clear-cut style that you get only from Whole Dog Journal, this fact-filled guide reviews and discusses:

  • Stretch, long line, and retractable leashes (and why one can confuse your dog)
  • Flat, limited-slip, and head collars
  • Halters and harnesses (and which one your dog can escape from!)

In addition you’ll learn about the dangers of electronic collars, and the advantages of noise-based leashes (and which brand works when you don’t follow the instructions!) So avoid putting your dog in a “choke-hold”, order your downloadable e-book GUIDE TO COLLARS, LEASHES, & HARNESSES today!