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Canine Allergies


 Scratching behind his ear.  Licking his paw.  Rubbing his face in the carpet.  All dogs do it, and it’s cute, right?  Well it may be a sign of a serious allergy problem.

With Whole Dog Journal’s downloadable e-book Canine Allergies:

You’ll Learn The Signs:
Chewing, licking, and head shaking are all potential symptoms of an allergy, one that could be dangerous.

You’ll Determine The Cause:
Flea Bite, Food, Environment, Season these are all common causes of canine allergies, some which have simple remedies and some which may require drastic-action.

You’ll Discover The Treatment:
It may be as cheap and easy as cutting the grass more often, or as complex and expensive as weekly allergy shots.

Plus, we’ll explain the risks of using corticosteroids (which are often prescribed), how to tell the difference between an allergy and a yeast infection (which often have the same symptoms, but could be deadly!), and how your dog’s diet might be a major contributor to an allergy. (Think a lamb and rice based diet is hypoallergenic?  Think again!)

So help your dog get comfortable in his own skin. Order your copy of this important publication today!