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Calm Down Rover!


Calm Down Rover! is packed with step-by-step training exercises and communication techniques you can use to help your dog be the best dog he can be!

Whether you’re dealing with an ADHD dog or a high-energy dog, the goal remains the same: to get your dog to shift gears and find a state of dog.

Many “hyper” dogs are under-exercised, and not just physically. Mental exercise is important, too! Calm Down Rover! helps you to give your dog’s brain a work-out, because we all know that a tired dog is a relaxed one.

What’s more, what we consider “misbehavior” is often the result of excessive stress or miscommunication by us. It’s our duty as pet parents to learn how dogs perceive what we do.

It’s up to us to help them out. Calm Down Rover! is THE solution. It’s available ONLY from The Whole Dog Journal, download your copy today. Don’t miss out on this exclusive training guide. Instantly download your copy of Calm Down Rover! today; it’s a must-have!

*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.