Addison’s Disease


From the editors of The Whole Dog Journal, Addison’s Disease will teach you the facts (and fiction) about this insidious condition. For example:

  • Symptoms (including vomiting, trembling, and diarrhea) will often wax and wane, making it difficult to tell that your dog has this serious disease
  • About 70% of dogs with Addison’s are female (but for certain breeds males & females are equally affected)
  • Called “The Great Pretender” it’s often misdiagnosed (and extremely under-reported) because it resembles so many other “common” ailments, it can actually be brought on by treatment for Cushing’s disease<

Learn the signs to look for, know the questions to ask, and discover the treatments available by ordering your downloadable e-book of ADDISON’S DISEASE today!

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