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puppy biting

Five Steps to Stop Puppy Biting

Fact: Puppies have a developmental need to bite. Here’s a plan for directing and fulfilling that need – with your skin intact!
dog eating chicken bones

My Dog Ate Chicken Bones

Dogs do eat chicken bones, but it’s far from an ideal choice and can lead to big veterinary bills.
Nurse Examining a Puppy

Why is my dog pooping blood?

Why is my dog pooping blood? Blood in your dog's poop may be accompanied by diarrhea, vomiting, or no other symptoms at all. The cause may or may not be serious – but you won’t know until you get to a vet for a diagnosis.
It is rumored that coconut oil is good for dogs for a number of reasons.

Is Coconut Oil Good for Dogs?

Most dogs can eat coconut oil and anecdotal reports suggest several healthful benefits. But studies suggest that its most impressive gift to dogs is reducing seizures in dogs with epilepsy.
Dog squatting on the sidewalk.

Dietary Fiber for Dogs

What does fiber do for dogs, what are good sources of fiber for dogs, and should you give your dog a fiber supplement?
Dogs can eat vegetables and many may prefer them to other treats.

Can Dogs Eat Vegetables?

Can dogs eat vegetables? Yes, dogs can eat vegetables. Dogs can eat celery, and carrots are especially good for dogs. Dogs can eat broccoli,...
Funny dog and bag of groceries in front of market or local store.

Can Dogs Be Vegan?

Most nutritionists and veterinarians agree that dogs can be vegan and healthy if the diet is nutritionally balanced. Research on vegan for dogs, however, raises more questions than answers.
Dog Licking A Beer Glass

Beer for Dogs?

Don’t give a regular beer to your canine companion (the alcohol is toxic to dogs), but you can share beer’s festive spirit with dog-friendly alternatives.
Weight and Fitness eBook

Diabetes in Dogs

Learn the symptoms of diabetes mellitus (including increased water consumption, urinary incontinence, and UTIs) so you can quickly seek a diagnosis and treatment if you see them in your dog.
dogs playing with collar can injure them

5 Things I Would Never Do With My Dogs

There is a trend on TikTok right now where various experts are sharing “things they would never do” after some years of experience in...

Frozen Raw Meat-Based Dog Food Diets

There are thousands of dog guardians who feed their dogs homemade BARF-based diets, buying all the ingredients and preparing their dogs’ meals from scratch. People who utilize home-prepared diets are happy to discuss the many benefits of this feeding method for their dogs, including clean, tartar-free teeth; fresh breath; strong bones, muscles, and joints; a glossy coat; a healthy amount of energy and a balanced temperament; and overall vibrant good health. For all the people who have made the leap to a homemade, meat-based diet for their dogs, however, there are many more who would like to make the change, but who are intimidated by the challenge of “getting it just right.” Some are afraid of failing to present their dogs with a balanced array of nutrients; others fear bacterial contamination from handling raw meats.

Which Type of Dog Food is Best?

What kind of dog food is best? Is canned food healthier than kibble? Does a homemade dog food diet require as much work as it appears to? Whole Dog Journal developed a very comprehensive pros and cons chart for various dog food options you may be considering. Remember: no one dog food is best for all dogs! Consider your dog's lifestyle and needs and use this chart to help you decide what kind of food your dog should eat.