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Whole Dog Journal’s Commercial Frozen Raw Dog Food Review

The more I've learned about the meat used in pet food, the more I've come to admire commercially produced frozen raw diets for dogs. The meat and poultry used in most of these diets are far fresher and more wholesome - far more like what most of us would think of as "meat" - than most animal protein ingredients in dry (or even canned) pet foods. The products tend to produce terrific results in the dogs who consume them. Whether this is due to the ingredient quality or the fact that this type of diet is more biologically appropriate for canines than dry foods is anyone's guess. My guess is that both factors contribute to the success of the products.

Raw Dog Food and Salmonella Risks

Thanks to dogs' industrial-strength digestive systems, their strong stomach acids usually disarm the Salmonella bacteria before they can cause illness. And even if enough of the bacteria survive and manage to take up residence in the dog's digestive tract, he may well be completely asymptomatic; not all canine carriers of Salmonella become ill. This makes it difficult to know how widespread Salmonella infections are in the canine population.
can dogs drink milk

Can Dogs Drink Milk & Eat Dairy Products?

Many dogs enjoy and benefit from consuming milk and other milk-based foods without any ill effects. Follow these tips if you'd like to add dairy products to your dog's diet.

Feeding a Raw Dog Food Diet Takes Experience

Many of us would like to feed our dogs a biologically appropriate raw diet, but lack the time and experience to ensure that the menu is complete and balanced. Frozen commercial diets are the answer. Despite what many makers of conventional canned or dry pet foods would have you believe, raw diets for dogs are not a modern fad, but a return to the dog’s not-so-distant past.

How To Improve Your Homemade Raw Dog Food Diet Recipes

Several raw feeders contacted me after reading my homemade diet guidelines (“You Can Make It”) in July’s Whole Dog Journal issue. While their diets varied considerably, each had problems that are common with raw diets – but most are easily fixed. For example, many raw diets are high in bone, which provides calcium and phosphorus. Excess calcium can lead to serious orthopedic conditions in large-breed puppies, especially before puberty. High-calcium diets are not dangerous for adult dogs, but calcium binds other minerals, including zinc and iron, so a diet high in bone may lead to other nutritional deficiencies. Too much bone can also cause constipation.

Comparing the Best Raw Dog Food Diet Plans

Have you ever noticed that dog owners tend to select one canine expert to follow in the area of dog nutrition and dog food and then another expert for training? And they’ll often adhere to their personal guru’s program no matter what? Is it our unconscious dog-like loyalty, or what? Many of our readers are already preparing their own dog food, and generally, they are following the guidelines of some canine nutrition expert. However, many more of our readers have not yet sorted out the differences between the raw dog food diets being promoted today.

Could a Raw Dog Food Diet Replace the Need to Brush?

Many raw dog food diet proponents claim that the nutrients and/or chemical composition of a raw diet keeps dogs from developing gingivitis or periodontitis. We’re not aware of any studies that have proven these claims, but the persistence of the anecdotal evidence of this phenomenon (to say nothing of its evolutionary success) suggest that there are dental benefits to a diet that includes raw, meaty bones.

Even More Frozen Raw Dog Food Manufacturer Information!

I love you, and I wonder if you even know how rare a publication like Whole Dog Journal is. On the same day that I got my Whole Dog Journal, I also got a professional “journal” issue reviewing medical research. Without exception, every article in that magazine was research sponsored by a company that made the product being evaluated. And, surprise! All the research showed wonderful results using their products! I am awestruck every time I read a review in WDJ and it is actual, objective information, not an infomercial.

(Raw Dog Food #2) Don’t They Need Kibble to Keep Their Teeth Clean?

Of course not! Dogs don’t get cleaner teeth by eating kibble, any more than you will by eating cookies. Those crunchy little nuggets provide almost zero teeth cleaning benefits for big sharp teeth. Ever looked at your dog’s mouth about an hour after eating her doggie bits? All that goop is still smooshed between her teeth, fermenting away. One of the most immediate benefits most people see with a raw diet is sweet breath and whiter teeth. Often this difference will be seen within days. One of the most common reasons people bring their pets to a vets’ office is for dental concerns.
husky in the soy field

Can Dogs Eat Soy?

Soy is a good source of essential amino acids for dogs, but it needs to be included in the food in a form that benefits your pet.
Man giving medicine to his old dog

How to Give Your Dog a Pill

Most experts suggest that you give your dog a pill in food. But what if you can’t use food? Here’s how to administer pills with or without hiding them in food.
Woman's leg injured by a dog bite

Are Dogs’ Mouths Cleaner Than Humans’?

People have been told that dogs’ mouths are cleaner than a human’s. This is a myth! Dogs’ mouths contain just as many bacteria as our own.