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Air-Dried and Freeze-Dried Raw Diets for Dogs

This category of dog foods is an outgrowth of the “raw diets for dogs” revolution that was sparked in 1993 with the publication of...
freeze-dried and dehydrated dog food

Best Air-Dried, Freeze-Dried, and Dehydrated Dog Food for 2024

More and more pet food companies are entering this diet niche—and innovating all-new manufacturing methods and food forms.

What’s the Best Dry Dog Food? 2024’s Top Picks in 8 Categories

For 2024, we’ve named the dry dog foods we like best in a number of categories, such as best adult maintenance food, best puppy food, best budget food, best lower-fat food, and more. But keep in mind that the most important selection criteria is not whether a food is one of our favorites, but whether a food works for your dog.
canned dog food shelf

What’s the Best Canned Dog Food?

Canned food isn’t as popular as kibble, but there are lots of good reasons to feed wet food to your dog: Canned dog food...
Photo of a canned dog food label with the protein and carbohydrates circled.

Dry Dog Food Labels: How to Compare Fat, Protein, and Carbs

Federal and state laws require pet food makers to put information about the protein and fat content of their products on pet food labels. Unfortunately, few people understand this critical information.
dogs eating scrambled eggs

Best Foods for Dogs with Diarrhea

The best food for your dog with loose stools is food that is bland and high in fiber.
Preparing natural food for pets

Food for Dogs with Liver Disease

The right diet for a dog with liver disease minimizes the liver’s workload and ensures proper nutrition for that dog.
portrait of a cute purebred puppy chihuahua eating fruit

What Foods Are Toxic To Dogs?

There are many foods that are toxic to dogs. Watch what your dog eats, and if you’re not sure and see signs of poisoning, get to a veterinarian immediately or call a poison control center.

The Evolution of the Raw Dog Food Diet

Canines have eaten raw for a whole lot longer than they've eaten cooked foods! It's difficult for us to understand, in the face of this one fact, how any dog guardians (much less thousands of veterinarians) could deny that raw food diets are healthful for dogs. But is it really best for ALL dogs? Actually, there are exceptions.

Raw Dog Food Diet Recipes

Feeding a raw dog food diet to your dog is quite simple, especially once you have a system in place. Though like anything else new, it can seem very complicated when first starting out. These sample dog food diets should be helpful to dog caretakers who are considering feeding a raw diet. Even those who have been doing it for a while may learn some new tricks to make the process of finding, preparing, and storing home prepared dog food simpler.

High Pressure Processing in Raw Dog Food

Were you aware that, according to Federal law, it's okay for a certain percentage of the chicken you buy in the supermarket to contain some Salmonella bacteria? The legally acceptable amount depends on the kind of chicken we're talking about; if we're talking about whole raw broiler chickens, up to 9.8 percent could be infected, but if we're considering raw chicken parts, the number is even higher. In fact, up to 15.4 percent of the raw chicken parts may contain that pathogenic bacteria, without setting off any sort of recall or hysteria. In contrast, even a single positive test for Salmonella in raw dog food triggers a recall and headlines and a certain amount of hysteria among dog owners. What gives?