Help Has Arrived

Colleagues with decades of dog-owning experience have joined the editorial staff.


Eagle-eyed subscribers may have noticed the addition of new names to the WDJ masthead. Here’s what’s up with that:

I’m taking a step back—but not walking away from—the day-to-day duties of WDJ. Those of you who read WDJ’s online version are likely aware that we post a lot more content on our website than we can fit in the print edition. It’s a ton of work—more than I can keep up with—so our publisher has summoned some fresh horses, as it were.

Please welcome Kate O’Connor, who previously edited other publications for Belvoir Media Group and is a dyed-in-the-wool dog lover. Kate was practically raised in a dog kennel; her aunt has bred and raised champion Airedales from her Wildwood Kennel for more than 40 years—almost longer than Kate has been alive! Kate grew up working in her aunt’s kennel, as well as in veterinary hospitals (including the vet school at Tufts University) and dog-training facilities. She occasionally fosters Airedales and of course has her own young Airedale, Carmen, with whom she “participates” in rally and agility (Kate says “competes” isn’t applicable to their event-ring efforts quite yet). Kate has jumped right into the tasks at hand, writing two of the articles in the June issue and assigning many more.

Whole Dog Editor Cindy Foley walking two paillons on the beach.
Cynthia Foley and her Papillons, 10-year-old Aries (left) and 3-year-old Twisty.

For the past two years—since the initial expansion of our online-only content—I’ve also been assisted by Cindy Foley, another talented colleague from Belvoir Media Group. Cindy is the Executive Editor of DogWatch, which is published in partnership with Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Cindy also competes in agility, with dogs at the other end of the size scale: two very athletic Papillons!

I’m thrilled to say that Kate and Cindy are going to take on the lion’s share of assigning and editing articles for WDJ. This will give me an opportunity to write more in-depth pieces on topics that are near and dear to my heart. I’m relishing the opportunity to spend more time on our coverage of the dog-food industry, for a start. I’ve never had as much time as I’ve wanted to dig into pieces on ingredients, formulation, production, and product development and testing, to name just a few food-related topics. I’m also going to be teaching a few classes at a friend’s dog-training facility and will be fostering more pups for my local shelter, which will surely inspire even more fresh fodder for WDJ.

Editor Nancy Kerns walking her dogs and her friends dogs.
Nancy, now getting a chance to do some hiking with her dogs and friends and friends’ dogs!



  1. I am very happy for you Nancy. I have loved your articles how you bring them into your own home. It makes such a great experience for your readers. Enjoy your dogs and new adventures. Looking forward to see the new articles in Whole Dog Journal.

  2. Nancy, congratulations on finding Pam and Debra, both obviously very experienced and dog-dedicated, who will allow you to write more in-depth pieces on topics that are near and dear to your heart! I’m thrilled to know that food is one of those topics! I want you to know that in January, 2013, we adopted our precious little Murphy, a rough coated Jack Russell/Italian Greyhound mix, who was 13 months at the time. He turned his nose up at so many high quality foods and then I saw your review of The Honest Kitchen food. It looked like vomit, but I tried it and he ate it! I have since changed to Honest Kitchen Basic, adding fresh lightly cooked meat, fish, etc., varying it every week. I want to thank you for that recommendation because although I do feed him other foods occasionally at one of his two meals, Murphy has done extremely well on Honest Kitchen Basic. I never would’ve considered it but for your review! And further, although traditional medicine definitely has its place when necessary, I firmly believe in PREVENTING conditions of ill-being through excellent nutrition! So I am so very anxious to read your articles about food and nutrition!!! I’m very happy for you – and also for your many interested readers!