Where Can I Buy Durable Dog Toys?

Nowhere, as aggressive chewers can destroy anything.


There is no such thing as an indestructible dog toy for an aggressive chewer. Unless it’s made out of lead. Hard rubber chew toys are durable dog toys that need replacement far less often.

Dogs can have a strong bite force—between 200 to 700 pounds per square inch (PSI)—and an aggressive chewer with a strong biting or chewing instinct will work on a toy-destruction project endlessly. Maybe not all at once, but day after day after day.

Looking for an indestructible stuffed toy? Forget it. Dog toys with parts that stick out or are stuffed and fluffy are especially vulnerable—any kind of adorable doll. They almost always have legs and a head that a dog can grab with his teeth and pull. These toys often also have a squeaker inside. Dogs love to chew or eat stuffing, and a squeaker is even more fun because it makes noise.  (It’s potentially dangerous, too, because the squeaker could get stuck in their throat or on a tooth or swallowed.) And if the doll has hair too—well, that’s even more fun.

So, you have to constantly buy new toys and clean up all of the pieces.

The toys that come closest to being indestructible are hard rubber dog toys. The leader among these rubber dog toys is the original Kong, a bell-shaped piece of rubber that costs $8 or $9 and can be stuffed with something yummy. The original Kongs aren’t fun to look at, but dogs like them, and all types or hard rubber Kong toys will last your dog a long time.

Don’t be fooled. Kevlar—that synthetic material that’s said to be stronger than steel and is used in protective vests—is used to make durable dog toys. But, yes, your dog can chew through Kevlar and swallow strands of the fiber, which is not good. If you really need an indestructible dog toy, choose hard rubber Kongs, which are available almost anywhere dog toys are sold.


  1. Careful with Kongs. I won’t use them anymore. My dog, my best boy, chewed off a small piece and swallowed it. It caught in the entrance to his intestines and had to be surgically removed. He died later from a restriction caused by scar tissue. My heart breaks to this day.

  2. I do have a site to recommend because I have had and do have aggressive chewers. I finally found this site called GoughNuts.com it sells chew toys specifically rated for your dog based on their destruction behavior. I buy the black color which is the toughest that they make. I am so impressed with the results. I have not had plastic parts coming off so far with this brand.

  3. I’m not sure where I read it but a dog’s teeth can become worn depending on the material they chew on. Tennis ball’s were said to cause a lot of wear due to the abrasiveness of the fuzzy covering. Just one more thing to worry about!

  4. Try the Ruff Dawg Dawg-Cube Dog Toy. The balls are great too. They are available in different sizes and are indestructible, they have a lot of bounce to them and they float. The bright colors help as they are easy to find in the yard. I have loads of these for my Golden Retrievers who have destroyed everything in the past including large Jolly Balls. I have bought them on Amazon, Chewy and Petco. There website is: https://ruffdawg.com/

  5. Durable, maybe, depending on your definition but there is no such thing as an indestructible dog toy. Sooner or later they are going to chew a hole in them.

    I consider all toys temporary and I buy them for my dogs to enjoy destroying. Every year I get them assorted Lambchops a they seem to enjoy chewing the faces off of the, then destuffing and desqueaking.

    Now Diana pawPrints does have one long standing toy that has lasted for years. It is the Jolly horse ball. It is a hardish plastic ball that isn’t inflated so even if dented or crushed pops back out to shape. It also has a handle on it which she seems to enjoy for carrying it around. She has chewed on the handle but done no great damage. She’s had it for about four years now and it’s dirty but still fun for her. I bought the XL 10 inch ball in blue and she still loves it.

  6. What works for one dog, doesn’t work for another. Four months ago I adopted elderly, mother and daughter, dogs. They turned out to be two 20 lb demolition experts, always working as a team. First day stuffed toys were de-stuffed and de-squeaked in five minutes; my previous dog’s favourite Cuz toys were trashed in short order. Large Kong tennis ball had coating removed and ball chewed into bits within 15 minutes. They have never ingested bits, the fun was to leave for me to pick up.Yes Karen you are correct in that the fuzz can abraid enamel on teeth and it’s a nightmare to pick out of carpet. Kongs can have the head easily removed. After many weeks and cash I bought an orange with blue stripe, Chuck-It ball. Wonder of wonders, they love it and it has survived three months with no damage. Another owner has said her dog ate pieces and required surgery, but as I said it is never one size fits all.