Editorial March 2003 Issue

Spring Cleanup

The inevitable corrections and additions.

One thing struck me this year when I went to the biggest annual dog show in these parts: the Golden Gate Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show: These dog people are so friendly!

I attended the show to take pictures, mostly, and to educate myself about some of the less-common breeds. I mostly learned how much I don't know. My husband (who is not a dog person but who came along to keep me company) kept saying, "What's that dog?" And I'd turn around and look and have to say, "Gosh, I don't know!" He asked, "Why does that Dalmatian have brown spots?" I had to reply, "Um, let me go ask that lady." I'm sure he came away thinking I'm a fraud.

Back to my real point: the friendly, helpful dog people. I could not get over how uniformly welcoming and informative the exhibitors were, both "backstage" where the dogs were benched and even right outside the show rings. My last dog show experience, at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York's Madison Square Garden, was not nearly so positive. That show was crowded and hot, and the dogs and people were so cranky. At the Golden Gate show, exhibitors offered to take their dogs out of their crates for photos, they posed their dogs, they offered treats... It made me proud to be a "dog person." My kudos to all attendees.

Dry dog foods corrections:
Every year, my number one goal for the February issue is to correctly report the phone numbers for all the dog food companies in the "Top Dry Dog Foods" article. I'm sorry to report that I'm not perfect yet.

The phone number I reported for Royal Canin, maker of "Natural Blend Holistic Dog Food" was wrong. The correct number for callers in the U.S. is (800) 592-6687. In Canada, call (800) 527-2673.

I did correctly report the number for Artemis Pet Food, maker of "Artemis Natural 6 Mix," but the phone has not been in order. At press time, Artemis promised it would be working soon. If it's not, you can call (818) 402-9496; that's not a toll-free call, however.

PHD Pet Products, maker of one on our longtime favorite dry foods, has a new phone number: (800) 743-1502.

Stand by for the next issue, which will contain responses we've had from dog food makers concerning our January article about dog food manufacturing plants ("Made in a Secret Location"), as well as reader responses to our latest e-collar article ("Simply Shocking," February).

Finally, thanks for all your kind notes regarding my recent loss. My job and my personal life seem to cross over quite a bit, and I really appreciate your support.

-Nancy Kerns

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