Letters November 2001 Issue

Letters: 11/01

Solid Gold Ingredients
Solid Gold is not only the best commercial food I can find to feed my dog, but also the only commercial food I will feed my dog. So I was somewhat dismayed to see (in “Top Canned Foods,” October 2001) you list ingredients in the “Lamb, Brown Rice, Barley & Carrots” formula that I was certain it did not contain, chiefly, turkey – which my dog is allergic to. I ran to check the label of the can I had fed that evening to my dog, and discovered that you had apparently made a mistake. Or did Solid Gold change the formula?

-Robin Gilroy
New Jersey

JUST when we thought we had created the first-ever error-free chart of canned foods, this. We’re sorry; the two-page chart we ran last month contained a LOT of minutiae, and we tried so hard to get every little thing right. But we blew it on the ingredients of the Solid Gold food, by listing the ingredients of their “Turkey, Ocean Fish, Potatoes & Carrots” food instead. Solid Gold’s canned “Lamb” food does not contain turkey. Both, however, are great foods. Did we mention that?

We are particularly sweaty over this error, since last year we reported an incorrect phone number and Web address for the company. And it’s the food we feed our dogs! We couldn’t be sorrier for the error.

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