Letters October 2001 Issue

Limited Pet Store Supplies

We not only subscribe to your periodical but also frequently suggest it as a source to our customers; especially since “WHOLE DOG JOURNAL DOES NOT ACCEPT ADVERTISING.” However, in recent issues we feel you are losing credibility in this area. For example, in the July 2001 issue, in your “Editorial Corrections” section on page 2, you mentioned that the phone number for the company that makes the Buddy Bowl, a featured product from an earlier issue, was out of order. You suggested that readers purchase the product at Petco.

As a small independent retailer, we have carried the Buddy Bowl for more than two years – and yet the only source you mentioned from which customers could purchase this product was Petco. You frequently mention that items can be purchased from either catalog sources or large retail/discount operations. This type of “advertising” of the big box stores adds yet another difficulty for the small independent retailer as we strive to maintain our position in the marketplace.

Rather than mention specific locations from which products can be purchased, a contact number or Web address for the manufacturer who could then direct them to a retailer in their area might be an approach more consistent with the standards we would hope you maintain.

-Barbara Schori
Pampered Paws, LLC, Granby, CT

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to explain ourselves on this point.

We would absolutely LOVE to direct readers to their local independent retailers to buy all the products we review. We have found that, without exception, it is the devoted and discriminating small business owners who carry the healthiest foods and safest products. For this reason and many others, we agree: People should always support their local independent pet store, whenever possible.

However, we really hear about it when frustrated readers can’t find the products we mention at their local stores. That’s why we try to offer information about the product makers; even if they don’t or won’t sell the product directly, we hope they will direct readers to a local retailer. Or retailers can call them and arrange to carry it.

Sometimes, however, it’s almost impossible to find the product makers, in which case we’re stuck with passing along our only certain source for the product, which is what happened in the case of the Buddy Bowl.


I am disappointed with the dried salmon and venison treats you mentioned in “There Is a Difference” (September 2001). There is a much better freeze-dried salmon treat made by Wildside Salmon of Seattle, Washington, which is 100 percent salmon, period. Dogs and cats love them and they are not greasy. You can contact the company at (206) 722-3474 or www.wildsidesalmon.com. Another treat that is just meat and nothing else is Rosie’s Rewards, a 100 percent beef treat made from hormone-free, range grown, USDA-inspected beef. You can contact Rosie’s Rewards in Pray, Montana, at (877) 767-3283 or www.rosiesrewards.com. My animals just love these products and I think these products would meet your criteria.

I was particularly happy to see the Buddy Biscuits reviewed so positively. The company (CloudStar, of San Luis Obispo, California) uses excellent ingredients in all of its products. Have your reviewed its shampoo and conditioner? The next time you do shampoos, these would be great.

-Kathy Wagers
via e-mail

Thanks for the tips on the salmon and the beef treats. They both appear to be superior treats. And, yes, we have tried CloudStar’s dog shampoo and rinse (Buddy Wash and Buddy Rinse), and you’re right; they are fabulous products. You’ll see them at the top of our recommendations when we next get around to reviewing shampoos. Every time Rupert has been bathed with Buddy Wash and Buddy Rinse, someone will say, “It smells so nice in here! What IS that fragrance?!” Then we have to confess it’s the DOG who smells so good, not us!

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