Features July 1999 Issue

Dog Water Dispensers

A fresh clean supply of water is vital for health; these products can deliver.

We all need it to survive. Most states have laws requiring us to provide “adequate” supplies of it to our dogs. If we don’t provide it we could be prosecuted for animal cruelty and our dogs could suffer, even die, of thirst. “It,” of course, is water. With all of my dogs I sometimes feel like I spend half of my day cleaning and refilling water bowls, both indoors and out. Isn’t there a better way?

WDJ thought so. We searched high and low for watering systems that would provide a larger, if not constant, supply of fresh water to our dogs. We selected for testing eight products that seemed to best represent the range of types of delivery systems available. We examined how easy they were to use (from both dog and human perspectives), as well as their sturdiness and reliability. We found a huge range in product quality, price, and effectiveness.

NOTE: While a steady supply of fresh, clean water is necessary for dogs year-round, it is of critical importance in the summer. We examined these products specifically for use in warm weather (or indoor use). Below-freezing temperatures will undermine, if not negate, the effectiveness of any water delivery system. Frozen water will prevent the dog from drinking, and can potentially cause plastic hoses and reservoirs to split, making the units inoperative. Consider all of these systems for warm weather or indoor use only; the old standby of a stainless steel bowl or bucket is probably your best bet for winter watering.

Click here to view the water systems review.

-By Pat Miller

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