Letters February 1999 Issue

Letters 02/99

Arthritis Supplement
I read WDJ with great enthusiasm each time it comes in the mail. Thank you for such a great publication.

I would like to add to the two letters in the October 1998 issue regarding arthritis supplements. I also have an older dog (mixed breed) that was having trouble with her back legs. After careful study of all the prescribed and over-the-counter remedies, I found one that is readily available, natural, and a results-orientated supplement: Wysong’s Contifin.

My dog that couldn’t get down the stairs now keeps up with my 10-month-old bundle of energy puppy. Wysong’s web site can give much more information about it than I can (www.wysong.com). This supplement supposedly allows the body to heal itself, rather than masking pain or just treating symptoms. I work in a pet supply store and recommend this daily with excellent results.

Mobility carts, featured in the September
1998 issue of Whole Dog Journal, can make a
dramatic improvement in the quality of life
for paralyzed dogs.

-Chelsea Sunderman
San Francisco, CA

Readers, I’d love your feedback on the best supplements for arthritis, especially if you have tried several on your dogs. — Editor

Halo Earwash
My compliments on your fine periodical. Every month I read it from cover to cover. Since your April 1998 issue, in which you reviewed dry dog foods, I’ve become a dealer for Natura Pet Foods. I also feed it to my kennel dogs and it’s great! My dogs are healthier than they ever were.

As a dog groomer, I would love to find where I can purchase Halo’s earwash mentioned in one of your articles. I would love to use it in my shop.

-Betty Ruttenbur
via Internet

Halo Purely for Pets is located in Palm Harbor, Florida. You can call Halo at (813) 854-2214 or look them up on the web at www.halopets.com.

Recycled Mobility Carts?
You’ll never know how much your little response to my letter (“Letters,” December 1998) helped us and gave us the oomph we needed to get through the first weeks without our Emmett. I was given a special picture frame by a very dear friend and I chose a sweet photo of Emmett in his “middle age” to put in the frame. It sits on my night stand and every time I glance at him, I smile. There won’t EVER be another dog in my life like Emmett and the things he taught me will be a part of me forever.

Gracie and Annie have formed a closer bond and much to my happiness, Gracie has even taught Annie the joys of EUPHORIC play! Not long after I wrote you, I came home one day to find grass stains all over Annie’s legs.

Even though she wouldn’t admit to acting like a kid, the evidence was all over her fur . . . they had been wrestling in the yard! She doesn’t play with Grace nearly as often or as long as Emmett did and Grace still misses him, I know. But things are much better. Also, giving Gracie Emmett’s food bowl to eat out of helped for some reason.

I’m writing with a new problem: We are on the verge of adopting Toby. He is a five-year-old Dachshund who is paralyzed from the waist down due to an unknown spinal injury that was left untreated for three days. He has had surgery, limited physical therapy, is kept mostly outside, and is an only dog at his house. My largest concerns for him are his lack of bladder activity and the fact that he does not have a mobility cart such as the one featured in the Case History in your September 1998 issue. His current owner expresses his bladder about four times a day (not nearly enough in my estimation) and she reports that Toby hates having this done. I am wondering about the possibility of catheterizing him to relieve his bladder.

But this cart issue . . . WOW! They aren’t cheap! Surely there are carts out there whose Doxies have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and no longer need them. We would be very happy to fill one of those carts again with a happy little Wiener butt. How do I go about finding them? And do you have any nuggets of wisdom for the future owner of a challenged Doxie?

-Anita Vreeland
Tulsa, OK

The K-9 Cart Company, located in Big Sky, Montana, lists their new Dachshund-sized mobility cart at $190. You might try calling them and asking about used models: (406) 995-3111. Readers, do you know of other sources, or a venue for donating used carts?

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