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Dog Training Videos Offer Tips!

With a TV and VCR, you can learn dog training from the best trainers in the country, and enjoy the most exciting canine sports.

We dog training enthusiasts are lucky; there are any number of information resources available to help us learn about our favorite preoccupation. First-hand learners can go to a class, or work with a trainer in private sessions. Readers can choose from a bewildering array of books. For the computer-phile, there are even a few CD-ROMs that offer dog training tips!

But videos are absolutely one of the easiest mediums to learn from. Like classes and private training, videos have the benefit of being a visual medium, but with an advantage – you can play them over and over until a concept really sinks in. Although you miss out on the personal feedback that is provided by a real live trainer, videotapes enable you to learn directly from the world’s best trainers and behavior experts and to experience canine events from around the world. It would cost far more time and money to visit these people and events in person than the average dog owner has available for these pursuits.

Perhaps the only problematic aspect of learning about dog training from videos is selecting which ones to buy! How can you determine which of the hundreds of available titles are worth $20 to $50 of your hard-earned dollars? To help inform your decisions, WDJ will periodically review a number of videos. All the following tapes available from Direct Book Service (800-776-2665), unless otherwise noted.

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-By Pat Miller

Author Pat Miller, a dog trainer and freelance writer from Salinas, CA, regularly reviews products for WDJ. For contact information, click here.

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