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Some Quick Tips for Loose Leash Walking

Joan Morse, CPDT-KA, CA-P1, CNWI, of Tailwaggers Canine Campus in Newark, Delaware, recommends Leslie McDevitt’s “Pattern Games” when teaching loose-leash walking. She describes one of those games:

“The Two Step: drop a treat on the ground. Take two steps forward while the dog eats the treat. The moment he looks up at you, click, drop another treat right by you and take two more steps. This game develops a pattern or rhythm for the dog that will keep his attention on the handler and keep him moving as she moves. You usually get a nice loose leash walk quickly.”

Jackie Moyano, of Wholistic Hound in Alexandria, Virginia, suggests targeting. “If the dog can target the end of a stick, the walker can hold the stick at knee level and have the dog target during the walk.”

Viviane Arzoumanian, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, PMCT-2, of PumpkinPups Dog Training in Brooklyn, New York, likes the tried-and-true “treat-spitting” method: “Teach your dog to catch tossed treats, and teach yourself to spit treats for the dog to catch (I use string cheese). Practice walking with the dog first without distractions, spitting treats to the dog for eye contact and being at your side.

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I have a 25lb french bulldog that pulled like a Sherman Tank. I tried several different harnesses and training methods, including some of the ones mentioned in the article. I felt like we were always in training mode with no end in sight. Progress would be made for awhile then quickly broken by another form of distraction or another. I have been using the Walkinsync harness and leash by trainer Elicia Evans. for the last 6 months. We had amazing results very quickly, and no longer need to use the front clip which makes the dog turn into your side when walking. For some reason my dog disliked that and now stays calmly by my side. When I stop, she stops and sits. When I start walking, she walks,and without pulling! I donated all the extra harnesses, leashes, and training books to the shelter. Hopefully someone else will find success with them. For us it was walkinsync.


Posted by: Lisa D | September 25, 2012 11:21 AM    Report this comment

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