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  • “Quarantraining”
  • Don’t Wait! Prevent Collar Accidents
  • Dog Meet Dog
  • Canine Knee Injury? Brace Yourself
  • Helping You Keep Track
  • Annual Editorial Index
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  1. Hello! Sorry to bother you this way, but I subscribed for the paper journal at the very beginning of the year. It is already December and I haven’t received not even 1 issue in my mailbox, none, the whole year. I understand there may have been trouble at first because of the pandemic… but … what about now? end of year? I am so in love with the Whole Dog Journal, but I am terribly sad this is happening. Please help me out…
    Thanks a ton!

  2. I log in then I’m unable to download the newsletter. The website keeps running back through the same exercise. The frustration is why I have cancelled my subscription with your in the past. I keep coming back because there are things I want to read but then I run into you un-friendly user website again.